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Background:Alll the Working Titles all Cats in Film.



Old cat.jpeg

Nicknames:Cat,Sherman the Cat

Logo:on a dark green background we see a text Cheney Productions in the red text old film that is a logo walking a cat beside he laying down the screen background finished.

Variations:in a love Lucy be used head cat moving r.i.p Sherman 1970-1980.

Music/sounds:because music is dramatic synth time but seasonal film corporation plays.

Availability:seen in twist of fate,west wallaby whoopass seen in 1997 and the show is love Lucy.

Scare factor:none.



Nicknames:cats,two cats,syme home video cats

Logo:against in purple floor starry space background we see some two stars shoots in half a second time butn words "LOONEY AND GROMIT PRODUCTIONS" shows up by zooming but later cats fades in finished it.

FX:Shooting stars,zooming,fading in.

Music:a syme home video's music.

Availability:seen on west wallaby whoopass two:a Dave is killing.