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1st Logo: 1999 - 2016

Nicknames: "There is no Lovely and Jacob!" "Thats not Lovely and Jacob" "The Ironic Logo" "I'm Roc and he's Raoul"

Logo: On a green background we see Roc and Raoul and the text in blue "Lovely and Jacob Productions" appears.

Music: A instrumental of I'm The Best at Being Me

SFX: Roc and Raoul saying "Good evening folks! Tonight we've planned to hear the happy monster band"

Trivia: This logo make a cameo appearence in HMB:AMM (Happy Monster BAnd: A Monsteriffic Movie)


  • On The Cloud Show, the background is light blue and with a byline A Bluz and Frred Company
  • On the episode "Trouble in Craigy Sand World" of AoFTaHR, Raoul is wearing shades the screenshot from "Konnichiwa!"
  • The Cloud Show episode "Cloud and Friends meet Zoe Sanika", the music is replaced by the Zoe Popstar theme song
  • On Kenny and Goorie Travel Around The World, Kenny and Goorie is there (not replacing R&R)
  • On Baby Bear and Mommy Bear's Adventures there is a byline saying: A Bluz and Frred Media Company
  • On Little Lola Visits the Space, Scratch Cat is there
  • WARNING SUPER SCARY: On the series finale of The Break and Brack Show "Break and Brack Say Bye", the viacom song plays and then BLUZ ROM zooms in appears roaring (ala BND of Doom logo) with the BND song playing

Availiblity: Common. Can be found on The Cloud Show and Adventures of Fluffy Trembler and Huggy Roller and other shows

Editors Note: This logo is infamously known for not having Lovely and Jacob in it despite the company name having Lovely and Jacob in it. On the other hand, some HMB fans may find Roc and Raoul cute (especially LovelyLikesLogos)

2nd Logo 2016 - present

On a green and blue gradient background we see roc and raoul pull a wagon with the words lovely and Jacob Productions on it

music/sounds a 7 note piano fanfare with wagon wheel sounds and a girl saying lovely and a boy saying and Jacob and the two off-screen kids say productions