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LudiCo Games was a Romanian video game developer formed in 1993. It produced many games of varying genres, with their most notable title being a sci-fi game called "Odyssey Altair". LudiCo was aquired by and folded into Rescan in 2003, and was revived in late 2018 as a division for Rescan's video game remakes

(1993 - 2003)

Ludico 1993.png

Logo: On a white background, we see the letters of the word "LudiCo" appear one by one slightly to the right of the screen. Then after about 2 seconds, the word "Games" appears beneath it, sliding in from right to left. The letters fade out, then the logo fades out to black

Music/Sounds: 6 8-bit F notes, one for each letter in "LudiCo", followed by a 2 note chord as the word "Games" appears

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes the theme of the game would play over it

Availability: Common

(2018 - )


Logo: On a black glowing background, the words "LudiCo Games" are shown hovering slowly in white pixelated text, reusing a similar font to the original logo


  • When the logo was shown for the first time in the announcement trailer for the Odyssey Altair remake, there were white particles in the background
  • There is a variant where "A Rescan Company" can be read at the bottom of the screen

Music/Sounds: The theme of the game it's on

Availability: Current