Lurkerbunny Productions

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(2008-) Logo: On a white background, an anthropomorphic female rabbit wearing some sort of cloak stands holding a knife. Next to her are the words


written in what looks like blood (!). Variations: - On shows by this company that air before 9 pm, we instead see Lurkerbunny's co-star Carney the Cat passed out below the logo in a pile of beer bottles. The logo is written in normal black marker in this variation. Music: A demented synthesizer tune, purposefully written to invoke those scary logos of the 1970s and 1980s! This is followed by deranged female laughter. - On the Carney variation, there is no music, just snoring and a cat going "meow". Cheezy factor: Ugh! Who draws this stuff? Even as still pictures, Lurkerbunny and Carney are pretty poorly-designed characters. And the synth music (okay, this was done on purpose, but still)! Scare factor: Nightmare. The people who made this logo must know about the CLG, because they've combined still pictures, creepy synth music, and very scary animals, and added blood!! The Carney variation, though, is actually funny and cute.

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