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(1908 - 1924)

MAD 1908 (1)

Logo: On a black background, there is the text "MAD" and the copyright date.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Variant: In their media from 1918, the copyright says "Happy 10th anniversary".

Availability: Ultra rare. Can be seen on media produced in the era, however they in theirself barely ever get home media releases or reruns, and sometimes on reruns, this logo is plastered.


(1943 - 1968)


Nicknames: "Crazy! Funny! Insane!"

Logo: On a black background, the words "crazy!" "funny!" "insane!" pop up one by one. Then the text "a mad production" with the word "mad"in red, green, and blue appears. While the other words disappear, "crazy" still stays for 2 seconds.

FX/SFX: The words popping up.

Music/Sounds: A horn note that plays and get faster as each word pops up. When "a mad production" appears, an intense horn note that plays for longer is heard.

Variant: A version where the text is only white, likely intended for black and white television.

Availability: Uncommon, gladly not as rare as the previous one. Can be seen of reruns and home media releases of media produced in the era.


(1968 - 1975)

Massive anger dropuctions

Nicknames: "GameBoy Advance's Great Great Grandfather"

Logo: We see the MAD logo's letter flying letter by letter (a la Nickelodeon Movies), from the bottom right corner of the screen. A sparkle goes across the words. At the bottom, the word "Massive Anger Dropuctions" appears.

FX/SFX: The letters appearing.

Music/Sounds: A harp-like sound when the text flies, and a "bling" sound in higher notes when the twinkle appears.


(December 9, 1975-)

Nicknames: "Adam the Storyboard Guy", "The Storyboarding Process", "Storyboard Guy", "Adam"

Logo: We see a storyboard, then it zooms into the first panel of the storyboard. We see a hand with a pencil drawing a person. The person then looks around and the letters for the logo come in a fast order:

  • M zooms in very fast almost taking up half of the left of the logo then going to it's intended size.
  • The hand comes again taking the person's collar, flipping it vertically, drawing a line in the middle to make an A, and placing it a bit near the person, which immediately after the A zooms to it's intended size.
  • The person reveals under his pants, turning to be d-like legs. He takes one and throws it at the screen. The d goes to it's intended spot.

It goes to the next panel, and zooms into the spot, and the storyboard disappears by fading out. The word "Massive ANGER Dropuctions!" appears in a typewriter effect.


  • On some new MAD shows, while the logo is formed, a green ball will bounce onto the screen and the MAD logo goes inside it for the rest of the logo. This is because of the green ball logo from 1982.
  • Sometimes, on MAD Network shows, the logo freezes so that the "Network" part of the MAD Network logo can fly in a la the previous logo.
    • And fewer times it is paired with the green ball variant.
  • There is a variant where the logo is animated and therefore the storyboard doesn't appear in it.

Music/Sounds: A drawing noise while the hand draws the person. A chiptune plays when the person appears, and when the letters appear, the person says "MAD", along with the following sound effects:

  • M: When it's near taking up the screen, a "bonk" sound effect plays.
  • A: A slip sound effect when the hand takes the collar from the person. Another slip sound effect when the hand flips the collar. More drawing noises when he draws the line.
  • D: Yet another slip sound effect when he reveals under his pants. A "throwing" sound effect when he throws his second leg.

White noise is heard when the storyboard disappears.

Availability: Very common. Ever since it's introduction in 1975, it's been used on lots of it's shows.

Editor's Note: This is a favorite of many in the logo community.

Video games logo #1[]

(1983 - 1995)


Logo: C code is being written to make a sprite appear. The person is being drawn. We see the person and then we see more C code being written to make the MAD logo zoom in. The MAD logo zooms in. It ends the same as the normal logo, expect "Dropuctions" says "Developer".

Music/Sounds: A chiptune version of the logo's music without the voice.

Availability: Common for 8bit and 16bit games produced by them.