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Background: In accordance with the MCH Act of 1999 (signed into law by Aqesian President Janice Joriah on December 21, 1999), all television programs, religious television programs, shows, theatrical movies, TV movies, religious movies (including religious TV movies), documentaries, feature films, specials and video games must go through the planet Galtania's MCH. Since then, MCH's Flying Kitten logo has been plastered onto the opening or end credits on every show (international or local (even in the planet Miqase)) aired throughout every network, as well as on all movies and video games.


Logo: We see the words "DISTRIBUTED BY" on a blue sky background. Suddenly, the words fade into the 1993-2013 MCH logo, which does its usual sequence.


  • On select Nova Animation shows, as well as game shows, XPlosive, Two Guys, Traced,  and post-2004 episodes of GBS Kids shows, the MCH logo and "DISTRIBUTED BY" text (above the MCH logo) are superimposed into the credits.
  • On all Natamount-produced shows, as well as on We Love Jilla, The Dan Volton Show, Late Night, Radio Blues and Neo, "DISTRIBUTED BY" appears above the MCH logo instead.
  • On FTV-produced shows as well as CHTV, "DISTRIBUTED BY" instead reads "IN ASSOCIATION WITH".
  • There is a very rare variant only seen on select episodes of the DBS Two miniseries Sword in the Stone and on season 2 episodes of Jungle Adventures (which is intact on the DVD from the planet Galtania's Kadel Home Video). The logo is set on a night sky background and the "DISTRIBUTED BY" text is yellow.
  • On newer prints of One Girl and the final two seasons of The Zabis, as well as on The Cat Movie, Summer Time and Gold Rush, the logo is remade and animated via CGI.
  • The "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" text appears instead of the usual "DISTRIBUTED BY" text on XPlosive episode "To New Vadeland we Go". (This version can still be seen intact on the XPlosive episode on Retro Toons on Teen TV and Zumazi Video on Demand.) Whether or not this is a programming error is unknown as of August 2012.
  • Very old shows and movies have the logo in black and white.
  • On post-2000 prints of Medevial Massacres, HappyHappyLand, the 1984 Catman TV series, both Trapped in a Vacuum Factory films and HEY!!1, the logo is set on a pink sky background.
  • Southern Hemisphere of Miqase television airings of Interversita and Natamount movies have the text "mallion-charler-heltian productions" below the MCH logo.
  • Sometimes, a copyright stamp appears below the MCH logo, reading "COPYRIGHT (year) CHARLES MALLION, DAVE CHARLER, and GABERE HELTIAN".
  • An 8-bit version of the logo appears on all games on 8-bit consoles.
  • Sometimes the logo is set on a rainbow gradient background. One example of this is New Adventures of Candy the Cat.
  • On Dance Idol Aqesia and Talent XYZ, spotlights appear throughout the logo.
  • Cats and Dogs, the show that this logo oringinated on has the logo at the start, but after it, Fluffy the Poodle salutes the logo with Fluffy calling it the "MCH symbol".

FX/SFX: Same as the 1993-2013 MCH logo.

Music/Sounds: Usually a sound of a race car when "DISTRIBUTED BY" is seen, and a 3-note piano theme when it fade, followed by the 1993-2013 MCH logo theme.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • When the logo is superimposed in the credits, the end title theme plays over the logo.
  • Sometimes, a "meow" sound is heard when the Distributed by text has appeared.
  • Another variant has a sound of a explosion instead of the race car sound and 3-note theme. The logo theme is still present in this variant. It appears only on some documentaries, TV movies, several post-1999 Minicol shows, The Cat Movie, Summer Time and Gold Rush.
  • Yet another variant has a sound of a melody of cats meowing and dogs barking as the music that appears on reruns of HappyHappyLand and the Cats and Dogs episode "Catch that Dog!/Catch that Cat!/Attack of the Ferrets".

Availability: Ultra common, it appears no matter which TV show, movie or documentary you watch anywhere in the interverse (an alternate universe) on any channel and no matter which video game you play, the logo always appears in one way or another.

Scare Factor:None for all variants. The flying kitten is cute.