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1st Logo (April 15, 1994- )[]

Logo: We see the 1996-2000 logo of MTM Enterprises superimposed on the screen, with the byline replaced with the text "ANIMATION STUDIOS". Usually, the copyright stamp and/or the International Family Entertainment/Argosy Media byline is seen below.


  • This logo would come after the 1997 KittenMation logo from some season 1 & season 2 episodes of Johnny Magma, season 3 episodes of Dog & Kitten, several season 2 episodes of Jenny's Workshop, Jenny's Workshop: Ego Trip (after the 1998 KM logo), and sometimes season 1 episodes of The Aaron Show and some season 2 episodes with this logo zooming-in on a white background. As it stops, the Service Mark symbol (SM) appears on the center right side of the logo.
  • On some very early MTMtoon shorts, the logo was up against a purple-white gradient background with text in black reading "A DIVISION OF MTM ENTERPRISES" below. This was later plastered with the next logo then removed from most airings.
  • On later MTMtoon shorts, the logo was seen up against a black background with a white box around it with no byline. This was later removed from all airings.
  • On Big Box, the logo was in 3D against a blue background with no byline.
  • On The Calvin and Hobbes Show anthology series, the logo is on a red background.
  • On Marcus Fishman, Attorney at Law, the logo appears against Marcus's power symbol (the stylized winged Moon). 5 black bars shoot out of the right of the screen and expand covering the logo.
  • On season 1 of The New Aaron Show, the logo is on a space background below the M6 in-credit logo.
  • In exceptional cases, an in-credit text was used.
  • On ToonTastic, the logo is on a black background with "An Argosy Media Company" below the logo. The copyright stamp is seen below.
  • On early episodes of Spacelab 2021, it's the same as the ToonTastic variant, but the logo is much smaller. There is another variant in which the colors of the logo are inverted.
  • On the Spacelab 2021 episode, "Marky Mark and the Good Luck Bunch," Billy Mays from YouTube Poop tries to break the MTM Animation Studios logo, after he broke the 9/11 Productions and the ICHC Productions logos, but fails.
  • On the Spacelab 2021 episode, "Opposite World", the Opposite World version of David jumps on the logo several times, causing the logo to lower down, while he announces "I'm helping! I'm helping!".
  • On The Marcus & Spider Show: Abducted, The 1992-2004 logo shows without byline or copyright.
  • On Johnny Magma Goes to Sri Lanka, the 1992-2004 logo shows without byline or copyright.
  • On Grak Presents the Grak Show Starring Grak, the logo is on a paper taped to the background. And the copyright is shown.
  • In the world premiere of The Marcus Show, the logo was in 3D with copyright, and also in that logo, Marcus is shown dancing.
  • In the Happycat Coast to Coast episode "Boy Hair", the logo is moving, while it also contains fire.
  • In the Grak Show episode "The PINGAS", the Robotnik/Eggman head is shown floating hiding the MTM Animation Studios logo.
  • On the Spacelab 2021 episode, "Uranusi", Zombie Dog falls on the logo and says "Zombie Dog loves you".

Technique: None. For the variant, the logo zooms in rapidly.

Music/Sounds: Usually the closing theme of the show. In other cases, it's silent. Other times, it carries the 2nd half of the long 1997 KittenMation Cartoons theme. The zooming variant uses a "whoosh" sound with other assorted SFX. On The Marcus & Spider Show: Abducted, Spider mutters quietly, "There's no such thing as gorilla swimwear". On The Calvin and Hobbes Show, a fragment from "Calvin and Hobbes", the very first C&H cartoon, is heard. For the ToonTastic variant, a woman says "This has been an MTM Animation Studios production".

Availability: Common. Seen on some Argosytoons of the era and KM Late Night shows, such as Happycat Coast to Coast, Marcus Fishman, Attorney At Law, Spacelab 2021, and The Grak Show, as well on various animated shorts aired occasionally on KM Late Night, the 2007 revival of Fred of the Forest, and recently on The New Aaron Show. The 3-D variant should be preserved on VHS tapes of Big Box. The black bylineless version is extinct. The zoom in variant is seen on seasons 1 & 2 of Johnny Magma, season 3 of Dog & Kitten, several season 2 episodes of Jenny's Workshop, Jenny's Workshop: Ego Trip, and sometimes, season 1 episodes of The Aaron Show on Argosy Retro. Also seen on on the short The Marcus & Spider Show: Abducted. The purple-white version has recently shown up on airings of the early MTMtoon shorts on Argosy Retro, oddly (these are later prints, as the MTMtoon logo and music at the beginning and end are removed (a version of the Argosytoon music plays instead). Oddly enough on Classic Toon Planet, this logo makes an appearance immediately after the next logo below. The same situation occurred on Happycat: Coast to Coast where it appears directly after the credits and then the normal logos appear. Retained on PearMusic prints of Happycat: Coast to Coast.

Scare Factor: None to low, depending on your thoughts of the logo and its variants.

2nd Logo (September 21, 1995-July 22, 2001)[]

Nicknames: "Jack-in-the-Box MTM Logo", "MTM-in-the-Box", "MTM Goes Dali", "Animation Studios MTM"

Logo: We see the 1996-2000 MTM Enterprises logo (without the byline, and in a black box) on a pink background with a yellow zig-zag line on the bottom. Then, an object pops out of the logo. It has a pinkish/purplish and blue zig-zagged stick holding an orange oval with the word "ANIMATION STUDIOS" on it. Then, sticks and eyeballs pop out of the MTM logo. The zig-zagged stick wobbles through the remainder.

Technique: The jack-in-the-box's animation. This was done by Steven Benson of Catmaker Films in Chicago, IL.

Cheesy Factor: Like the post-2010 XYZ Media logo, the 2nd Gamma Video logo, the current North Carolina ETV logo, the TurboTastic-Malleo Home Video logo and the ACA Videocassette Inc. logo, "ANIMATION STUDIOS" shouldn't be read before "MTM".

Music/Sounds: Either the sound of the logo popping up accompanied by B-52's-esque music or the closing theme of the show. On HCC2C, the music varied from episode to episode (usually a soundbite from the preceding episode). On the HCC2C S3 episode "Jerrock", the logo is silent to commemorate the memory of the show's musician, Jenny Jerrock.

Availability: Rare. Appears on the DVDs of Happycat: Coast to Coast. It also appeared on Classic Toon Planet (long gone from TV, but segments from it appear on DVDs of HCC2C and The Grak Show).

Scare Factor: None to low, the pop-up, and the music may startle a few.

3rd Logo (January 4, 1999-2017)[]

Nicknames: "The Ripple"

Logo: On a black or white background, we see the MTM Animation Studios logo from the 1st logo in the middle of the screen. Appearing from behind the logo are the blue circles used in the 1998 Argosytoons logo. They later disappear after the theme is played. The Argosy Media byline is seen below.

Trivia: This logo was based on an intro for Argosytoons, a block that ran on KittenMation until 2005.


  • On PingasWorks Dragons, the logo is black, still and superimposed on the background used in the closing credits.
  • On one episode of The Aaron Show, it had a very poorly edited blacked out byline (presumably because of the byline on the KittenMation logo).
  • On the Revenge of Sarah TV Movie Sarah vs. GoshKilla, the logo is still (likely because it was the very last episode of the series).
  • On Aaron Rules!, the logo is squished.
  • On the Swiss German dub of Re-Drawn, the logo has a copyright stamp on the bottom.
  • On OMGWTFBBQ: The Movie, after the animation finishes, the logo stays still for a couple seconds before cutting to black.


  • 1999-2001, 2003-: "An Argosy Media Company"
  • 2001-2003: "A Corus Entertainment Company"

Technique: The teal circle outlines.

Music/Sounds: Only the ending part of the "Argosytoons" ID theme or silence.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On British broadcasts of season 3 of Le Happy Merchant, the entire logo plays in a low tone.
  • On PingasWorks Dragons, the ending theme plays over the logo.
  • The first Season 3 episode of Jenny's Workshop had the "Ripples" logo, but the entire logo was silent. This was most likely due to an editing error (but it's not too bad).

Availability: Common, outside of US television and DVD's; otherwise, rare. First seen on Edna, Elsa, n Ella.This logo is edited on every master of every MTM Animation Studios show after 1999. However, on recent U.S. airings of MTM Animation Studios shows, this logo is edited out. Survives on some episodes of the 2001 revival of Jenny's Workshop when reran on Argosy Retro. It also appeared directly under the split-screen credits of Daniel the Dumb Cat on KittenMation, plastering the Squeeze Films logo. Plus, it was seen on several 1999 episodes of Johnny Magma and episodes of Samurai Jane on Argosy Retro. This logo is a lot more common outside the U.S., as it is seen at pretty much the end of all MTM Animation Studios produced shows. Strangely, it is seen on OMGWTFBBQ episodes on PearMusic, plastering the KittenMation Studios logo, as well as episodes of the show seen on demand as well as the KM app. This logo can be seen on every post-1999 KittenMation show on DVD (such as season box sets of The Aaron Show, Samurai Jane, The New Aaron Show and OMGWTFBBQ, as well as various KittenMation compilation DVDs). Also seen on the sneak peek, on demand, and KM app versions of Aunt Grandma.

Scare Factor: None to low, the animation and music can scare a few.

4th Logo (May 7, 2001-2012)[]

Nicknames: "The MTM Badly-Drawn Mimsie", "Meeeeeoooooow!!!!!!!", "The Badly-Drawm Mimsie Logo", "MEOW!!"

Logo: We see a badly-drawn stencil version of Mimsie on a white background with the MTM wordmark below. The "ANIMATION STUDIOS" text, copyright stamp, and the Argosy Media byline are below. The drawing was created by Laura Gimensky.

Trivia: This logo first appeared on a season 7 episode of Happycat: Coast to Coast called "Tennessee Nightmare", which originally aired on May 7, 2001, about 4 months before KM Late Night started broadcasting.


  • Starting in 2008, it appeared in 2D.
  • Sometimes appears without the copyright stamp or Argosy byline.
  • On episodes of Octopussies, the logo flashes to clip-art of a cat in a monochrome effect for a split-second before changing back into normal.
  • On the Happycat episode, "Flopmode," the logo is in static.
  • On episodes of Hawkheart, Peter yelps "Ehehehehehehehe!" at the logo.
  • A sepia variant exists.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Just someone saying "Meow!". On some Happycat episodes, the closing theme accompanies it.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Occasionally, the man saying "Meow!" will be time-stretched as if it was running through a granular synthesizer.
  • On episodes of Octopussies, the audio is replaced with a different character (varies depending on each episode) saying "Meow." or other words or phrases.
  • On the YouTube Poop episode "Mermaids", Mermaids sing "MEOW" instead of the guy yelling "MEEEEEEOOOOOOWWW!!!!!".
  • On the YouTube Poop episode "Rusty Gozongas", the audio is replaced with a character from earlier in the episode saying "No!"
  • On early live action KM Late Night shows (mainly Relocated and a few others), the logo is silent.
  • On The YouTube Poop Colon Movie for Theaters, at the very end this logo is shown with the man's voice at an incredibly low pitch.

Availability: Common. Can be seen directly after the ICHC logo on many KM Late Night shows, such as Happycat: Coast to Coast, YouTube Poop, Robot Kitten, 12 oz. Cat, and Spacelab 2021 episodes after "Shrubster" among others. It is also seen on EGPX: Eternal Grand Prix. On Canadian KM Late Night shows (mainly Robot Kitten and a couple of others), the logo's contrast has been turned up to the point where the logo is barely viewable, and only stays on screen for, in most cases, not even a second. This could be accounted to the fact that the KM Late Night lineup in Canada was broadcast on WLF, and then Wolf, and not KittenMation. From Robot Kitten: Space Wars onward, the logo is unobscured and appears fully. It is plastered out of current prints of shows like 12 Oz. Cat along with the ICHC Productions logo shortened to one Mallet strike instead of two.

Scare Factor:

  • Low for the original. The abrupt appearance of the logo may catch you off-guard, as well as the voice saying "Meow!". Some of the variants may increase or decrease the scare factor.
  • Low to medium for the newer one with the slower version of the "Meow!" as you may expect the short version but get caught off guard of it dragging on. For those who are used to seeing it, none at all.
  • Medium to high for the Flopmode variant. The Mimsie drawing (which is so blurry that some should strain their eyes) and the yelling may scare a good number of viewers.

5th Logo (November 19, 2004-June 22, 2007)[]

Nicknames: "The Chinese MTM Animation Studios Logo", "C-MTM"

Logo: On a white background, we see the MTM Animation Studios logo from the 1st logo in Chinese, which later changes to its usual English language. Underneath the logo is the byline "An Argosy Media Company".

Technique: The logo changing from Chinese to English.

Music/Sounds: A wooden flute theme followed by people shouting in Chinese. It sounds like they're saying "Chong!"

Availability: Rare. It was only seen on Ching Chong Ding Dong. Also available on DVD.

Scare Factor: Low. The music and shouting is a little creepy for some unexpected viewers. None, only for those used to it

6th Logo (November 5, 2005-August 26, 2006)[]

Nicknames: "In-credit MTM Animation Studios logo", "Produced with Pingas Entertainment and Production E.G", "The EGPX logo"

Logo: On a black background, the MTM Animation Studios logo from the 1st logo is in the end credits with the logo for Production E.G and Pingas Entertainment, for Eternal Grand Prix, along with copyright stamps.

Technique: None

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Rare. It was only seen in Eternal Grand Prix.

Scare Factor: None.

7th Logo (2013- )[]

Nicknames: "MTM Shorts", "MTM Print"

Logo: Basically an end tag of the MTM Animation Studios logo from the 1st logo on a white or black background, except Mimsie is absent, the logo is black or white instead of orange, and the copyright info is shown.


  • On Belle and Tara, a white background is used, plus the copyright notice is shown as "© 2015 TURNFIELD BROADCASTING SYSTEM AFRICA, INC.". The current variant only includes the logo, making it similar to the end of a MTM bumper or promo.
  • On Series 2 of Out of Control, the copyright text is absent.


  • From 2013 to 2014, the Argosytoons jingle was used. In The Wind of Strength, the tone of the jingle is slightly lower,
  • On some episodes of Belle and Tara and Series 2 of Out of Control, the swoosh sound effect is used.
  • On newer episodes of Belle and Tara, the current 4-note jingle is used with the conjunction of the current logo's sound effect.

Technique: The letters sticking and spinning.

Availability: This is only used on animated shorts that are airing in Africa. The Argosytoons variant can be found in The Wind of Strength (which hasn't been aired in the United States yet) and Series 1 of Out of Control. The textless variant can be found on Series 2 of Out of Control. The white background variant can be found on Belle and Tara, as well as the current one.

Scare Factor:

  • Out of Control (Series 1) and The Wind of Strength variants: None to low, the dark background and the music may scare a few viewers.
  • Out of Control (Series 2) variant: None to minimal, the swoosh might scare you.
  • Belle and Tara variants: Same as the Out of Control (Series 2) variant, however, the scare factor was lowered due to the background. None for the newer shorts of Belle and Tara, as it uses the KMation 4.0 version of the jingle.

8th Logo (November 10, 2016- )[]

Nicknames: "The Exploding Blocks", "The MTM Explosion", "Generic MTM"

Logo: On a blue background, A orange block rolls like a dice and a orange box dashes in and they merge. When they merge, they explode and form the MTM Animation Studios logo from the 1st logo.

Technique: The explosion and the boxes merging to the logo.

Music/Sounds: A retro 4 note theme of the new KM jingle.

Availability: Current. Debuted on The New Aaron Show since "The Key to the Multiverse" onwards. For some reason it also appears on digital prints (and some international prints, such as Canadian versions) of Samurai Jane Season 5, even though the show airs on KM Late Night and is co-produced by ICHC.

Scare Factor: Minimal to low. But overall, this is a very cool logo. However, it may annoy fans of the 1999 logo.