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1st Logo (1980-1997)[]

Nicknames: "The MTM Kitten", "The MTM Cat," "Mimsie the Cat" (see also: Unofficial Nicknames for the other cats), "MEOW!", "The Many Faces of Mimsie"

Logo: Over the years, the logo has been tweaked color wise and according to certain shows, but here's the basic concept: An "M" flies backward from off screen, then splits into two. In the space left between the two letters, two "T"'s come from the top and bottom of the screen and join to form one. This completes the initials of the company, and the letter "T" shrinks when a gold circle appears over it. Under the letters are the words "ENTERPRISES CANADA, INC.", "ENTERPRISES CANADA", or "PRODUCTIONS CANADA". Sometimes the finished logo will read out "AN MTM ENTERPRISES CANADA PRODUCTION" ("AN" appears over the first "M"). Back to the circle, it is ribbon-like and decorated with stars and the letters "MTM " on top. Inside is a live-action orange striped kitten who meows once, obviously as a parody of the MGM lion. All the text (except for the later versions) appears in the Peignot font used for the Viacom "Pinball" logo.


  • The cat's name was "Mimsie", though nicknames such as "Dick Turpin" and "Dick Marino" have also been used in naming the cat.

Variants: First here are the little differences in the logo, along with dates in which they were used:

  • September 19, 1970-March 2, 1974: One "M" is red-orange, the other is red, and the "T" is blue and is formed by the merging of a light blue "T" and a green one.
  • September 18, 1971-1978: The M's are both red-orange,and the "T" is light blue.
  • 1978-1990: Company now identified as "MTM Enterprises Canada". The M's are now orange.
  • 1982-1990: Company identified as "An MTM Enterprises Canada Production". The M's are now red.
  • September 17, 1990-1993: Same as above, but "ENTERPRISES CANADA" is smaller than usual, and below it is the iconic CBC "exploding pizza" logo. On shows produced for other channels, the "exploding pizza" was removed.
  • 1992-1997: All letters are orange, the words "MTM CANADA PRODUCTIONS LTD ©(year in Roman numerals)" appear with an orange line above it, after the US division of MTM was bought by the Family Channel and the international divisions were spun off.
  • A still version of this logo did turn up in some movies. This is a still of the 1978 version of the logo, and is shrunk to a considerably small size. No music, animation, or "meow" is present. Mimsie's head is turned away, pre-meowing.
  • Another still version of this logo appeared at the beginning of a DejaView rerun of a season 8 episode of Great Canadian Heroes from 1989, the logo is the same as the 1992 version, except the letters "MTM" appear to be slightly smaller, the circle with Mimsie appears to be slightly larger and the logo just reads "MTM INTERNATIONAL CANADA".
  • Ontario Beat has the "M"s in red and the "T" light blue..Here it just reads "MTM ENTERPRISES CANADA PRODUCTION FOR THE GLOBAL TELEVISION NETWORK".
  • The appearance of the circle varies amongst logos. The most common one kind of "iris-in's." In others, usually ones where there's special animation or a different cat, the circle just appears.
  • Sometimes the letters don't animate. Everything is up there at once.

Custom Variants: Now, one thing that the MTM logo was known for was that often, it would be custom made for whatever show it appeared at the end of. This means Mimsie's appearance would sometimes be different, usually involving her "wearing" a costume or saying something other than "meow". Here are those variants:


FX/SFX: The "M" zooming out and morphing into 2 M's, and the "T" dropping. The rest is shown above.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: None really, except the end theme of the show and Mimsie meowing. Starting in 1996, a 5-note jingle was added before the "meow". This was seen and heard on some shows such as the 1st season of Canadian Wildlife among shows.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the short-lived Canadian version of "Let's Make a Deal", Tom Wilson announces "In association with MTM Enterprises Canada." on the logo while the theme is playing and Mimsie meowing.
  • On the Bell Media DVD print of an Great Canadian Heroes season 4 episode features the CTV "Ribbons" jingle playing over the MTM logo (cutting off Mimsie's meow), with the CTV logo not seen at all.

Availability: Fairly common. It was once a plaster victim; but not anymore. It can be seen on a lot of Canadian shows as MTM Canada (and other production companies now under the Corus library) is now followed by Corus (though it's followed by both the CTV ribbons and the Corus logo on some episodes of Across Canada in 30 Years on CTV Two and the Global logo with Canwest byline on Canadian Wildlife: The Complete First Season on DVD). The only factors are the rarity of widespread reruns of MTM Canada shows, and Corus's sparse releasing of DVDs from the company's library (and sub-licensing of certain series to EntertainmentOne). On Netflix Canada, the logo is intact. The Nurses finale variation is especially rare, as it was shown on CTV and nowhere else to our knowledge. VHS copies and reruns just use the regular credit sequence and logo (with the exception of the CTV print, which has the normal credits and only the CTV ribbons logo). You can see it on the Netflix Canada copy, however.

Scare Factor: It depends on the variant.

  • For most variants, it can range from none to minimal. The silence, "meow", and the kitten coming out of nowhere might catch some people by surprise. Plus, there's the factor of not knowing what Mimsie will look or sound like per program. Other than that, it's mostly a cute logo and a favorite of many.
  • Medium to nightmare for the Nurses finale variation, due to the extremely upsetting and disturbing subject matter.

2nd Logo (1997-2006)[]

Logo: Against a black background is a tall orange box with a whitish silhouette of Mimsie. Under that are the words "MTM" in Copperplate Gothic Bold font and the respective company byline. On co-productions, the name of the station (e.g. "For Global Television") would be seen under the byline. A copyright byline is seen below.

Trivia: Shaw bought MTM Canada in 1996 after a vicious bidding war between Baton Broadcasting and two investor groups.


  • 1997-1999: "A Shaw Communications Company"
  • 1999-2006: "MTM Enterprises is a Corus Entertainment Company"

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show or silence.

Availability: Plastered over older MTM Canada logos (primarily on Canadian cable TV). Otherwise uncommon in America, as recent MTM Canada productions have rarely aired in the US. Was also seen on Great Canadian Heroes, among other series. Recent reruns of late 90s episodes of Great Canadian Heroes on DejaView feature this logo with the Shaw byline, followed by the Global logo with the Canwest byline.

Scare Factor: Low.

3rd Logo (2006-2013)[]

Logo: Against a dark blue starry sky with mountains below, we see stars forming several ring shapes, causing the MTM Canada logo from the 2nd logo to blur in. A byline for Corus is usually shown just below it. The sky darkens around it.

FX/SFX: The stars forming the company logo and the darkening sky.

Music/Sounds: A gentle synth sounder with some "whooshes".

Availability: It was seen on shows such as Canadian Wildlife and the last seasons of Great Canadian Heroes.

Scare Factor: None.

4th Logo (2013-2017)[]

Logo: On a navy blue background, orange lines emerge from the bottom right corner to form the MTM Canada logo from the 2nd and 3rd logos. The Corus logo, appears by spinning directly below it with "A CORUS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" underneath.

FX/SFX: The lines, the spinning and the shining.

Music/Sounds: A soft guitar/choir sounder.

Availability: Seen on many programs produced by MTM Canada until 2017.

Scare Factor: Minimal to low. The lines may startle some.

5th Logo (2017-)[]

Logo: On a orange background, we see a stylized version of Mimsie in orange with a white outline and the new MTM text in white being drawn out. The star is at the bottom of Mimsie, jumps up and spins, then lands. Mimsie bumps it, causing the colors to reverse.


  • A shorter version exists.
  • A still version exists as well, with a Corus byline.

FX/SFX: The star jumping, spinning, the bump, and the invert, which are nicely done.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy synth tune or the end theme of the show.

Availability: Brand new. Debuted on their website, and will possibly appear on new episodes of MTM Canada shows. It first appeared on People's Republic of Canada and may appear on newer TV shows by the company like Hockey Fight. The full logo was first seen on a promo video, which can be seen on Corus's official YouTube channel.

Scare Factor: None.