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Background: MTM Imagination Television was a television arm of MTM Imagination, part of MTM Records Entertainment, Inc. In late 2000, TV-Goonland PLC acquired the television production/distribution controlling rights of the series by MTM Imagination Television as well as Capital Entertainment. In 2001, MTM Imagination Television was folded into TV-Goonland PLC. TV-Goonland themselves filed for Bankruptcy in 2009, and, 2 years later, TV Goonland's catalog was sold to Argosy Media. It is now part of Cairo Pictures Television since June 20, 2012.


Nickname: "The Ribbon"

Logo: Just a shortened version of the 1995 MTM Imagination logo with no television indicator whatsoever.

FX/SFX: The clouding sky.

Music/Sounds: Only the last part of the 1995 logo's music. On The KidTunes Television Show, however, the show's ending theme played over it.

Availability: Near extinction. It's seen on international TV airings of Generation C! years ago and the third season of The KidTunes Television Show. Also seen on Super Babies following the M6 and Attraction Ent. Group logos.

Scare Factor: None.