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Mabacku Films is a Hindi-language film company founded by Indian film director Chitra Mita.

Logo (1983)[]

WARNING: The videos linked here is extremely loud and may put your audio equipment at risk of potential damage, so lower your volume before watching.

NOTE: This logo and the film deterioration variant, also the extreme film deterioration variant can be seen here:

Nicknames: "The Om Symbol", "Om Symbol Of Doom", "Amaco Productions and Colombiana de television's Cousin", "The Loudest Logo In India", "20th Century Fox Rip-Off", "A 20th Century Fox Rip-Off!".

Logo: On the image of clouds in a black-and-red sky, we see a purple square with a white Om symbol zoomed out. A few seconds later, it zooms in slowly. At the almost end of a zoom, searchlights fade in (once the Om symbol is close to the screen, it stops). It stays for a few seconds, then a long-stretched brown circle and a brown rectangle below fades in. After 4 seconds, a orange 8-pointed star rotates and wipes the text "MABACKU FILMS" below, and disappears. The logo fades out.


  • However, due to film deterioration, the clouds are bright orange-red (and the bottom side of the sky is bright orange-red), the square and the symbol is slightly brighter, the spotlight on the searchlights are thistle, and the star is bright.
    • There's a extreme film deterioration variant, where everything is the same but more brighter.
  • The logo sometimes fades to a film.

FX/SFX: The zooming, the fading in, the wiping, cheap animation for 1983.

Cheesy Factor: The animation seems very cheap, and the searchlights, brown circle and rectangle looks like it's a 20th Century Fox rip-off!

Music/Sounds: A 6-second fanfare of an extremely loud high-pitched flute, followed by a 2-note said fanfare, then is followed by a 1-note (but even high-pitched) said fanfare. It is then followed by a bell note, accompanied by a loud xylophone-like rising sound.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Due to film deterioration, the audio is distorted.
    • The extreme film deterioration variant has the audio being more distorted.

Availability: Seen on films made by the company.

Scare Factor;

Depending on the variant:

  • Original Version: High to nightmare, due to extremely loud sounds and the animation, which can scare some.
  • Film Deterioration: Same as the original version, the audio sounds weird and creepy this time, and the whole logo being bright can worsen but it's nothing compared to this variant...
  • Extreme Film Deterioration Variant: Nightmare, the audio sounds more weird and creepy. The brightness doesn't help either.