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Nicknames: "Indian MacGyver But He's Not Here!" "That Indian Case of Course" "Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Films's Younger Brother"

Logo: On a Black and White background, we see a text "MacGyver Films" in Hindi characterized "मकज्ञवेर फ़िल्म्ज़" and it cuts to black.

Trivia: Only most indian logo ever, But Angus MacGyver is not here, Because Angus MacGyver lives in the United States area of Mission City, Minnesota, not in India, So should be like This Image

FX/SFX: Logo blurs up.

Music/Sounds: Original Same as Vasu Films But Now 1996 Same as M Zet Films.

Availability: Seen on "You Dare You Die" and "Members of MacGyver" and Other Films.

Editor’s Note: None.