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Background: MacGyver Pictures is a Israel Hebrew Since in October 22 1982 Where the Israel Starts a Logo But We Didn't Get a Logo Until July 11 1986 So We Started a Animated Movies in 1986 but We Stopped By 1993 So They Started The Live Action MacGyver Films Only from 1993-1997 Only Production But in 1997 Now it Went Defunct.



(FAKE) MacGyver Pictures Logo (1986-1997)

Nickname: "Who I'm Thinking: Israel Edition" "Hebrew MacGyver But He's Not Here" "Balant Use of Regal Films"

Logo: on a Black Background We See the Hebrew Text Who is Shown and Fades the Text out and Says "Presents" in Hebrew and it is Fades Out.

FX/SFX: The Text Fading.

Music/Sound: Same as Regal Films.

Availability: Seen on Animated Movies Expect They Stopped By 1993 and Seen on Live Action Movies.

Editor’s Note: None.