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Background: After MacGyver is Released in September 29 1985 as Logo is Opened in March 14 1986 MacGyver Productions Inc. is a Indonesian That Started in 1986 Including But That is From Live Action Films Started in 1986 and Animation Started in 1987 But It Stopped Live Action and Animaton But in 1993 an Live Action MacGyver Films Are Started in 1993 When The Ident Appeared Comingly but in 1999 It Went Defunct Due to the Serious Problems and Horrible Promising Problems .


Nickname: "In Cine Rip off" Also 1986 2nd Version "Svensk Filmindustri Rip Off" "Blue Laser II" "Indonesian MacGyver But He's Not Here" "The M. A . C of Doom" "Text Insurers"

Logo: Same as In Cine But The Text Read "MacGyver Productions Inc." in Blue and Text Turns Red.

Variant: We Started the 2nd In 1986 Same as Svensk Filmindustri But The "M. A .C" in Red and Text Says "Macgyver Productions Inc." in White.

FX/SFX: Everything.

Music/Sound: Same as The 1972 In Cine.

Music/Sound Variant: Same as The 1986 Svensk Filmindustri.

Availability: Seen on "You Meat" Only Live Action not Animation Also Seen on "Jack the Ball" Animated Only and in 1993 Seen On a Live Action Film "MacGyver Adventures","MacGyver and The Treasure" and Also Last Film of "MacGyver: The Final Chapter" (Only Live Action Not Animation About the Final Chapter)

Editor‘s Note: None.