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Background: Mad Duck British Productions Pty Ltd. is Founded in 1988 That is Only Producing the Television Shows as Well and Then Later in 1998 the last logo appears and then it went defunct due to folded to Cute Kitten Television and Renamed as Mad Duck British Commutations (UK).

1st Logo


Logo: We See Angus MacGyver Getting Scared by a Snake with the Words "MAD DUCK BRITISH PRODUCTIONS PTY LTD." On a Top and "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" Is on a Bottom.


  • The 1994-1995 Variant: Angus MacGyver has Cute Face.
  • The 1993-1996 Variant: MacGyver Showing his Teeth.

FX/SFX: None. Just a Logo.

Music/Sounds: An 7 Note Crescendo From Duck Amuck.

Availability: Seen on "Not Meanest".

Editor’s Note: None.

2nd Logo


Logo: An Batang Bibbo or Ice Man Guy We See on Text Draws a Creepy Font "MAD DUCK BRITISH PRODUCTIONS" or "RECORDS PRODUCTIONS" In Red or Orange.

FX/SFX: None.


  • on Mad Daffy Duck: An Kenny Replaces a Batang Bibbo or Ice Guy.
  • The 2014 Henry HuggleMonster Variant The He Replace Batang Bibbo or Ice Guy.

Music/Sounds: An Kid Sings a Mad Duck Prouductions Logo.

Availability: Only Seen on "Kenny Trek", "Mad Daffy Duck" and Any Some More.

Editor’s Note: None.

3rd Logo


Logo: On First South Park or Henry Hugglemonster Even a Background Text Reads "MAD DUCK BRITISH PRODUCTIONS PTY LTD." or "Mad Duck British Records Production" in Red or Pink and on Top and "In Association With" is on Bottom.

FX/SFX: The Entire Zooming In.


  • The June 4 2013-January 17 2014: Henry HuggleMonster Shows His Face Like Angry
  • The January 2014: Henry HuggleMonster has an Angry Face.

Music/Sounds: An High or Low Dramatic 7 Note Crescendo on Duck Amuck.

Availability: This Seen on "Meat Folker","Kenny Trek","Mad Daffy Duck" and More So WB TV or 20th Century Fox TV Logos for Jup Jup and South Park Television.

Editor’s Note: None.

Final Note: In 2016, this company was folded into Cute Kitten Television and Mad Duck British Commutations (UK).