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(August 2013-)

Nickname: "The Black Panthers Comes to The Roar at the Forest" "The Henry HuggleMonster Roars"

Logo: On a Black Background We See an Henry HuggleMonster Standing on A Background With Text "Mantra Studioan" in a Times New Roman-Gill Sans Font in White and Jungleish Green and Also Henry Roaring into a The Screen While That The Henry Stops Roaring after 4 Seconds.

FX/SFX: Pretty Neat Animation with a Great Roar.

Music/Sound: An Birds Chirping and Owls Hooting Follow by the Black Panther Roaring and Also He Growls Over the Logo.

Availability: Seen on The Movies and TV Shows Includes "Jack de las espías","El pinchazo de pistas" and More Spanish Movies and Shows.

Editor’s Note: None.