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NOTE: The reason why i put the (Dr Cow Andrew) is that the logo history is a mock made by me (or... How if Marifransia was made by Dr Cow Andrew?). DO NOT EDIT JUNK ON IT!

Background: TBA

1st Logo (2006-2008)

Logo: On a black BG,we see the words "Released thru" in white,after a second,it cuts to many shapes in the same black background,in 3D, the Marifransia logo itself, which is a sun depicted by a flat sphere through a block, and are supposed to mean sun and grass, appear, while the text "Marifransia" is in the block, and the camera rotates randomly, then a purple cube comes into view, wipes the word "T E L E V I S I O N" and the camera moves to the right.

FX/SFX: Everything, in CGI.

Cheesy Factor: Off the scale. Do you want to even call it art to this so-called "logo?" This is as bad as the FADYO, Golumbia, Marko and Dyna logos! Also, why did they steal a theme for another videogame?!

Music/Sounds: The New Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme, in it's last 10 notes.

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor: Medium.

2nd Logo (2008-2014)

Logo:The words "RELEASED THRU" fades and zooms in then fades out. Fading in is what appears to be a space BG with an all-new Marifransia logo (the block is blue). "MARIFRANSIA" in white then emerges from the blue block,then "t e l e v i s i o n s t u d i o s" also in white, zooms out from view into the block. The space BG, appears to be sorta patterned, keeps zooming in until the end of the logo.


  • During its first year of use,in the same space BG, the same Marifransia logo,only the words are changed to just "5 YEARS" in the Klavika font. Then it flashes into the final scene where the logo is formed.
  • For Marifransia Television Studios Distribution,the logo is just a black BG with the words "Distributed by" zooming in and pixelates to the final result, but still, zooming out.


Cheesy Factor: TBA

Music/Sounds: Some eerie sounds,then a funky 17-note horn fanfare. On the 2nd variant, it's same as the last logo. The whole jingle sounds eerie, even if you're wearing headphones.

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor: Minimal to high.

3rd Logo