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Massinum Produzione S.p.A. is the company for television producer Massimo Cordeone, which produced many shows on Rai, starting with "Luna Gotte Serará" and the dub of anime "Uchubito Pipi".

The company was founded on 1954.

1st logo


Logo: We see a close up of a gray walking stick with an antenna (possibly he's an alien), moving to the right. We then zoom out of it from

the right, when the logo starts, and we see that the walking stick is drawing something like an shadow of an "M", which is the abbreviation of the company's name. The text "Massinum" in a cursive font, and the text "Presentano:" in an imprent font, appears lissajously on a line which appeared drawing before the texts appeared. The logo then flashes.

Variant: There was a color variant when the gray walking stick is blue outlinish with a white face and antenna, and cerulean tacky-colored outlines. The text "Massinum" is on teal-blue and "presentano" and the line are both dark-grass green. Also, once the gray walking stick walks to make place to an M to appear, the background with the M, become red and a drawing effect in lavender, which is an M in two triangles, appear.

FX/SFX: All made in cheap 2D animation.

Cheesy Factor: We see many things on this logo when the gray walking stick walks, and we get much dizzy when it is. Also, the gray walking stick looks more like the Tokyo Broadcasting system logo. And what's with the effects all mish-mashed into one? Did the creators have been severely busy with this logo, whom another things they forgotten?

Music/Sounds: A ten-note horn and drum fanfare, which would be used in 1960 by the Scottish Television logo, followed by Massimo saying: "Massinum presentano" in a worker-like's voice. The fanfare was more bombastic at it's color compromising.

Availability: Starting on 1954, seen on a tremendous amount of italian shows. Seen on color prints of Top Cat in Italy, Eurovision Singing Contest in Italian broadcasting, Show Di Bola, Cinematográfica Humorista, among others, like Il commissario Montalbano. The other shows which has produced were seen on the background.

The color version was spotted on Wally Gator,Primo Applauso, Howdy Doody, Doctor Antonio, Sherlock Hound, Ritorna il tenente Sheridan, and other things Massinum has spotted on color.

Scare Factor: Low to high. The fanfare is sudden, it can make kids nightmares, and the close up of the walking man can shiver it more. The voice can also contribuite but others may consider this a favourite, due to the fact that it produced family-rated shows since Rai's continuation. Medium to high for the color version, the fanfare is more sudden than the other one.

2nd Logo


Logo: TBA


Cheesy Factor: The animation seems like it's computer animated. The effects, also can contribute to it's cheesiness, and the symbol doesn't look very good.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Common.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare, beacuse of the fast pace of the logo along with the cheapness. Others may not be affected by this.