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Background: MMHV is a company that debuted in late 1980s that produces kids VHS.

1st Logo (Late 1980s-1992)

Nicknames: "Crudely Drawn Monster," "Cute Monster," "Baby Beast!"

Logo: on a paper background, we see a drawing of a purple, round, horned baby monster made out of scribbles that move a bit. Some multi colored scribbles spell "Me Monster Home Video." With the dot of the i being a tiny sun.

FX/SFX: The moving scribbles.

Music/Sounds: A sofy, dreamy, five note flute tune.

Music/Sounds Variant: on certain tapes like "Run, Little Ball!" it is a baby laugh.

Availability: Seen on VHS of the time like "Frog's Food," "Little Purple Bug," and "Rainy Day Splash!"

Editor’s Note: None.