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1st Logo


Logo: Just the text "Mehtei Films" in Dzongkha and "Presents" below zooming out on a black background (they can't stop at the moment), followed by spitting of red, blue and yellow paint, and then the text goes back as normal and splits up in four.

FX/SFX: The animation and the spitting of the paints.

Cheesy Factor: This is an obvious product of the 70's, which look more like a 50's logo.

Music/Sounds: A Bhutanese drums solo, followed by an action fanfare which keeps the tempo of the solo. It then jarringly gets cut.

Availability: Seen on Shao Prandhip, Kheysoana Byhat, Uah Bin Get and Mahkyhi Bong Bahtysempoa, among others

Scare Factor: Medium, the darkness and the spitting may get to you.

2nd Logo

(1983-1991, 2001-2003)

Logo: TBA

Variant: Same as before, but TBA

FX/SFX: From the original: A great sucessor to the first logo... (From the variant: Not too good animation but still beats the touch of it. The circle making is way too repetitive.)

Cheesy Factor: From which the sounds are too loud and cheap, which they are...

Music/Sounds: An rising sound which follows into TBA. For the variant, TBA.

Availability: Seen on Sustainability - For the Good, Auk Menyet, Shay Mong, Buahyan, Limit Gongthen, Sytump Bah Gheyum, Sakhana Seit, Buta Nenchuki, Sao Bren Guya, Sok Hug Thar, Sayti Mong Tehri and the variant appears on the Bhutanese dub of Get Up With Connie and Friends.

Scare Factor:

  • Normal logo: Medium to high.
  • Variant: Low to medium, bordering on high.