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Background: "Meow Inc." was created in 1985 as a subsidiary of MTM Enterprises for handling the pre-1941 Cairo Pictures library and the pre-1984 Visual Arts Pictures library. When MTM acquired Visual Arts in 1993, Meow Inc. became a subsidiary of Visual Arts, and was used for international distribution. When Argosy Media (who owns Cairo) acquired MTM in 2001, Meow Inc. was folded into Cairo Pictures International.

1st (and only) logo (1993-2001)

Logo: On a black screen, we see the text "Distributed Internationally by Meow Inc." in white Helvetica Bold font. The logo stays on the screen for a few seconds, then fades to a MTM Films, Visual Arts Pictures, and/or (after 1997) Cinema City Films (US) logo.

FX/SFX: The logo fading onto the screen and fading into the next logo.

Music/Sounds: Either the first few seconds of the following logo's theme or the opening theme of the movie, as this plastered the first 3 seconds of MTM, Visual Arts, and Cinema City logos on international prints.

Availability: Rare. Used to be on lots of international prints, but is now plastered most of the time by still Cairo logos on home video releases and TV airings.

Scare Factor: None.