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1st Logo


Nickname: "US People in a Park" "Pete and MacGyver at The Park" "Cat and Balloon"

Logo: On a Park of USA We See People Walking in a Park We Also See Pete (Dana Elcar That's He Died in June 6 2005) Picking a Grey Fluffy Cat Up and MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) Holding a Red Balloon is Showen Moving and Waving a Balloon and Cat Meows with Word "Meow Balloon Productions" in Blue Are Seen.

FX/SFX: The People Walking in a Park and 2 Mans Holding Cat and Balloon and Balloon Waving. Nice Live Action.


  • Run Clark Run!!: The Blue Balloon and Cat Wearing a Collar is Seen.
  • The Salt Food: The Background is Yellow on a Logo
  • the 1995 Film The Doctor Jack: The Spot's Meow is Short.
  • 1997 Film The Flames of the Greek: The Bench Relamed Broken.
  • 1999 Movie "Spot The Cat": The Spot's Eye Winked.
  • 2002 Film "Baron Broke the Chair": The Balloon Flown Off.
  • 2005 Film "Blindness": The Scene When The Cat Looks at The Logo Blowing Away.
  • 2007 Film "Re-Flamed": Spot Sitting on Bench Next to MacGyver.
  • 2010 Film "Damages": Based on Story We See Cloudy Thunder That is a The Park.
  • 2013 Film "Damages 2": The Cloudy Is Grey.
  • 2014 Film "Dollars Go Down": The Text is Green.
  • 2017 Film "Stands of Mountains": The Text is Gone.

Music/Sound: People Chattering Follow By Walking Sound and Cat Meowing.

Availability: Seen on The Old and New Movies.

Editor’s Note: None.

2nd Logo


Nickname: "Running Spot" "Cat and His Balloon"

Logo: On a Black Background We See a Spot the Cat Running with His Balloon and So He Stops Running and Freezes with Words "Meow Balloon Productions" in White and White Border is Drawn.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: An Cat Running with Balloon Waving and Logo Forming. Nice CGI.

Music/Sound: Running Sound of a Cat and Sweeps a Flash and Synth Drone Plays.

Availability: Brand New. Seen on The Quite Movies in Greek.

Editor’s Note: None.