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Microphone Films is an Burmese language shivakan film company founded in 1976

1st Logo (March 17, 1977-1979, 1983-2007)[]

Logo: Depending on each variant, it's just text translating the company name.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on their films from 1977-2007.

2nd Logo (1979-1981)[]

Logo: On a spinning orange/yellow sunburst background, we see a detailed microphone sitting on a pedestal, under it was the same translation. Except, there no "presents" text, and it also sparkly.


  • On some films my have the logo daker of lighter.
  • An early version has been spotted on Nag Da Wangi, where the logo is completely on a gray background. The pedestal is also different looking, there are two searchlights, and the microphone statue is different.

Technique: Live-action; the spinning sunburst background uses motion control animation.

Music/Sounds: Some hits to a drum as well as a dramatic sustained string chord, followed by a high-pitched string note. A female announcer is heard saying "Microphone Films Presents…".

Availability: The original variant was seen on Dezha Wap Natar Toho, Mandlayar Monzi, And Thipek Maygar Ati, while the early variant was seen on Nag Da Wangi.

Legacy: It was described as one of the scariest logos to many Shivakan's due to the microphone statue, with the scary music making manners worse, also combing with the very fast-spinning sunburst background. The loud female announcer is also a big problem as well and even the searchlights in the early variant can cause scares. However, it has achieved legendary status and is a fan-favorite among the community.

3rd Logo (1981-1986)[]

Nicknames: "Where's Microphone? II" "Tame Microphone"

Logo: On a blue space background TBA.

Technique: Cel animation.

Music/Sounds: A stock xylophone theme.

Availability: Seen on Phang Sherma, Thukan, Pyay Kaya, and Mayagari See.

4th Logo (1986-1988)[]

Microphone Films (1987, Source - D.M.V)


5th Logo (1988-1998)[]

Logo: Same as the Prabhakar Pictures 2nd logo, but it's now in color. And under it is the company name.

Variants: Same color variants may exsits.

Technique: Same as Prabhakar Pictures 2nd logo.

Music/Sounds: The stock choir tune used in many Indian/Nepali/Shivakan logos.

Availability: Seen on their final films.