Background: Mobius Independent Film Releasing (formerly "Pronz Film Releasing Home Entertainment", "Pronz Film Releasing Home Video", and "Pronz Video") is the division of Pronz Film Releasing dealing with home video and was founded in late 1975. PHE distributes films by Paramount (under its own label) and Easy Groove Animation (under the DreamWorks Animation Home Entertainment label), shows and films from Comcast Cable Networks (under the Comcast Cable DVD, Dr. Robotnik DVD, Dr. Robotnik Movies DVD, Adult Central DVD and Chuckie Finster DVD labels), EGG (under the EGG Home Entertainment label), Startime (under its own label and the ZBS label for solo-produced series), MET (under its own label), ZBS-owned programs (under the ZBS Home Entertainment label) on DVD, and several releases from other independent studios. On September 27, 2011, Pronz Film Releasing Home Entertainment was renamed "Mobius Independent Film Releasing" after merging with "Pronz Film Releasing Digital and Television". TBA!

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