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Nicknames: "I Like ya Cut g!", "Taco Bell bong", "The Bully", "The Jock", "Just, Typical Slapstick!" "The spiky Haircut" "Haircut Boy" "Noah and Jerry"

LogoOn A White Background with "Monday Haircut" on Top of Them. We See 2 Boys Looking at each other. On the left, is an all White Boy in a White Shirt, Pants & Shoes With A Black Spiky Haircut. & On the Right, is another Boy Wearing a Cyan Shirt, Gold Chain, Lime Green Shorts, Peach Pink Shoes, Orange Hair With a Red Cap Facing Backwards Which Somewhat Bears a striking resemblance To Kevin From Ed, Edd n Eddy. After He Says His Dialogue. He Then reaches in his pocket. He pulls Out a Baseball Bat (Or A Club) Out of his Pocket. And Then Jumps Up. And Then, Directly hits The Spiky haired Boy On The Head through the ground As "Productions!" is in comic sans. 

FX/SFXThe logo Is Animated With Brush Ninja. With The Boy In The Red Cap Says His Dialogue, reaches for his Pocket. And hits The Spiky haircut Boy on The Head with a Baseball Bat. 

Music/SoundsThe Boy On The right Says "I like ya Cut g!" And As He hits The spiky haired boy. The Taco Bell "Bong" Can Be Heard. 

Availability: Common; Seen On The Adventures Among Us, and The Henry Stickmin Show!

Editor's Note: The Taco Bell Bong & The Slapstick Somewhat Catch Some People Off Guard. But It's Still Funny For Some Of Those Who like Really Popular Memes!