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Background: Monster Productions is a company founded in 1996. They started with the movie Spud (1997), which spawned many sequels. Their most recent movie is The Inedibles. They normally work on horror or comedy projects, but they have made forty romance films, fifty western films, sixty suspense films, ninety-five drama films, ninety-eight kids & family films and twenty action films. They have bought the pre-1950 SOF library. This company formed from Monster Home Entertainment, the entertainment section of Monster Productions. This company got aquired by Sony in 2013.

1st Logo

(1997-2010, 2013-)

Nicknames: "The Demonic Monster", "The Scary Monster", "It Lives!", "The Rampage of the Monster", "It Awakens...", "It Hungers...", "The Monster From Hell"

Logo: We see the famous New York City, nicknamed "The Big Apple." We pan right at a skyscraper. Just then, a big, green, scary monster with some warts breaks through the skyscraper. He roars in anger as the citizens scream and run away. The monster then goes on a rampage and kills a couple of citizens by stomping on them, eating them, and burning them with his fire breath, and demolishes a couple of buildings with his fire breath. As he walks through the burning remains of NYC, "MONSTER PRODUCTIONS" fades in below the monster. The monster then looks at us and lunges right at us, ending with a screech. We then cut to a black background, which ends the logo.


  • On Die, Zombie, Die (2005), the monster is a zombie and one of the citizens is replaced with the two main characters. They beat up the zombie.
  • On Night of the Living Killers (2001), the monster splits apart and turns into the two main characters, the monster named King Jay the Monster and the other named Robzilla the Monster.
  • On Spy of the Tiger: The Movie (2003), the monster crawls up to one of the citizens and scares him away. The "monster" takes off his costume to reveal that he is Growls, the main character from the film. He then says "Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to scare you." He then runs away, crying.
  • On Spud: A New Generation (2007), a still variant of the logo appears, with just the monster's face.
  • On Spud: Welcome Back (2001), before the monster roars, Spud, the main character of the series, walks right to the monster and beats him up.
  • On The Adventures Of Mônica! (2013), the monster is replaced with Jimmy Five walking towards the screen and says "You're about to get some onions up in your FACE!"
  • On A Lenny & Fred Thanksgiving (2013) and A Very Lenny & Fred Christmas (2013), the monster is replaced with Lenny and Fred. They give themselves a high-five.
  • On the TV series 101 Returns (2013-), a short version of the where its actually the end of it.

FX/SFX: The monster, the cities, the citizens, etc. Very good CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Things that involve what's going on in the logo.

Music/Sounds Variant: On some edited versions of Spud: Welcome Back (2001), the logo has the 3rd logo's music due to poor plastering.

Availability: Uncommon. Even though the logo was replaced in 2010, it is still found on all the Monster Productions movies from 1997-2009. An error made the original logo appear on a DVD of Spud IX: On the Edge (2010), so that (very mildly) contributes to its availability. Appears after the SOF thunderbolt logo at the end of some movies on TV, due to them owning the rights to the pre-1950 library. The logo however was surprisingly revived on the 101 Dalmatians TV series 101 Returns.

Editor’s Note: The monster can make everyone pee and poop their pants, including his roar, the suspenseful, horrifying music, and the monster's jumpscare. However, it's less scarier for those who are used to it.

2nd Logo


Nicknames: "The Claw", "Cheesy Slice"

Logo: On a grey gradient background, a claw slices the background, and the green text: MONSTER PRODUCTIONS is on the middle of the claw which it has a "swiping" effect.

FX/SFX: The claw slicing.

Music/Sounds: The sound of a slice. There is also a silent variant.

Availability: Rare. It only appeared on television related-products from 2010 until 2012. If these TV shows are ever to appear on DVD or re-ran, don't expect this to appear as it will probably be most likely removed and/or plastered by the 3rd logo. You can get a chance to see this on some SOF films on TCM, or on DVD.

Editor’s Note: The cheesy slice animation, as well as the slice sound effect may get to some. However, it’s actually tamer compared to the previous logo.

3rd Logo                                                  


Nicknames: "The Tame Monster", "The Grumpy Monster"

Logo: On a blue background, the monster from logo 1 tries to smash the camera while running but bumps into the screen and the black text: Monster Productions is on the middle of the monster.


  • On Die, Zombie, Die II (2012), the logo is a light grey tint.
  • On Mega Man (2013), the logo is in a Neon outline.
  • Because Sony acquired the company back in 2013, in 2014, a byline reading " A Sony Company" appears below also The Sony logo Transits to the logo.

FX/SFX: The monster running. All in CGI animation by Sony Pictures Animation.                    

Music/Sounds: The sound of a car speeding when the monster is running, and a bump sound when the monster bumps into the camera. The hip hop remix of the first logo's music is heard.

Availability: Current. It is still found on all the Monster Productions movies from 2012 onwards. Appears after the SOF thunderbolt logo at the end of some movies on TV, again.

Editor’s Note: This is a really funny logo, but haters of Sony Pictures Animation May hate this however.