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Background: Monumental Film Enterprise is the company founded by Khizi Vienxibautong and Manhkong Sabhran, which became very famous for it's film High Upon the Cozzo Valleys (ສູງຕາມຮ່ອມພູເປັນໄມ້ຢືນຕົ້ນ)


1st Logo (1964-1976)

Logo: TBA


Music/Sounds: Sounds of the comets and then a dramatic fanfare with zaps and whooshes, following an explosion and a drumball when the logo sets it's background on fire. An eagle screech is heard when the logo appears.

Availability: Seen on films released for the company, such as Mindblow (ໃຈແຕກ)

Editor’s Note: The very outdated in-your-face animation as we know about combined with the sudden logo appearance and fire among us can catch you off-guard, especially for those who used to it or you haven't seen it for years. It's company has been famous, and there is a logo that‘s less scaier then that logo see here, and that’s the next logo you see at the bottom.

2nd Logo (1976-1985)