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Background: What if Mosaic Media Group was sold to Wagnermation Studios as a children's film and animation division? This is the answer. Real logos can be seen here.

1st logo (2013)

Nicknames: "Lenny & Fred Movie custom variant", "Lenny and the Volcano"

Logo: On a day city skyline view, on a road, and on a volcano, we see Lenny walking on the road on-screen. He then wonders "Where am i? And what's that volcano doing here?". The volcano then blows up and erupts as the word "Mosaic" (in an Accidental Presidency font) pops up. Then, Fred appears on screen. He says to Lenny "Hey Lenny, IS THIS SCARING YOU?! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!". Lenny runs away off-screen. Fred chuckles for a bit. Then he walks away off-screen.

FX/SFX: Simple GoAnimate animation.

Music/Sounds: The sounds from the GOAnimate animation.

Availability: Can only be seen on Lenny & Fred Movie.

Scare Factor: Minimal. The "Hey Lenny, IS THIS SCARING YOU?! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" may catch you off-guard, especially if it evolves watching Lenny & Fred.