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Nicknames: "Cheesy Mosque" "Blatant Use Of Fuego Enterprises Sdn, Bhd Music" "The 1st Cheesy Indian HV Logo" "That's No Taj Mahal!" "That's A Cheesy Mosque" "Cheesy Mahal" "A Piece Of Cheese Instead Of A Mosque"

Logo: On a red/white gradient background with a grid at the bottom, we see a mosque being drawn. Then afterwards the text "Mosque" in a gray/white gradient color in a Sinola font then draws in one by one, then the text “Video Pvt. Ltd.” Fades in at the bottom of the “Mosque” text.

Technique/Cheesy Factor: 2D primitive computer animation, looking really bad for a home video company. The colors doesn’t match for this logo. Also, they stole music from a logo in Malaysia, (It's called Fuego Enterprises Sdn, Bhd). This logo is not only a piece of a Taj Mahal knock-off, it's a piece of a eyesore, thanks to the ugly colors in this logo. This is actually the cheesiest Indian HV logo ever, period.

Music/Sounds: The theme from Fuego Enterprises Sdn, Bhd.

Availability: Seen on their tapes at the time.

Scare Factor: None, It’s just a really cheesy HV logo from India. And you may laugh at they stole music from a Malaysian country.