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Background: Motorcar Pictures, Inc. was an independent animation production company founded by animator/children's' book author J38284 (creator of Fat) in 1988. In 1996, 38284 sold the company, and the rights to Fatwith it (except Dr. Robotnik still owns the rights to the Robotnik-produced series), to The Jerry P. Star Company. Motorcar Pictures continued operations until the cancellation of the Playhouse Star cartoon series PG&J Glitch in 2000, and was folded into Jerry P. Star Television Animation after that. 38284 is still active in animation, forming his current production house "Cartoon Laboratory" in partnership with L59482 in 2000.

(August 11, 1991-September 24, 2000)

Nicknames: "The Oval", "The Motorcar Oval"

Logo: On a dark blue background, we see a large oval with "MOTORCAR" in front of it, and "PICTURES" below in far smaller type font on a black rectangle and the word "INC." in a much smaller font below "PICTURES", with the text "THE BEST C IN THE WORLD" on the bottom with "C" bigger than the rest of the letters.

Trivia: On Fat, the title character lives on 21 Motorcar Street, an allusion to the company. The character Squidward also has a Motorcar Pictures poster in his room.


  • Starting in 1992, the background became vanilla cream colored. Plus, there are a few differences. The black rectangle is gone and the surrounding area dims as the egg's shadow becomes visible. The word "PICTURES" is black instead of white. The text "THE BEST C IN THE WORLD" is in black and is smaller.
  • In 2000, the background became light blue. This was also seen on split-screen credit airings of Star's Fat when aired on Star's One Too.
  • On Star's (Brand Spanking New) Fat and PG&J Glitch, there is a copyright stamp under the logo.
  • On the 1999 film Fat's 1st Movie, the egg is smaller and the background is a different shade of light blue. Plus, "THE BEST C IN THE WORLD" is a bit bigger. The oval is also more realistic and there's no copyright stamp below.
  • On 801 Dalmatians: The Series, an in-credit version of the logo is used (text only).

FX/SFX: None in the first variant. The shadow animation in later variants in 1992.

Cheesy Factor: That being that it has nothing to do with the name of the company! What does a oval, a stretched circle and a shape, have to do with a company called "MOTORCAR PICTURES INC."?

Music/Sounds: In most cases, the closing of the show's theme was heard during this logo, but sometimes it would have a customized theme.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the first season of the Dr. Robotnik version of Fat (the first show to have this logo in any form), it was a guitar and trumpent tune that carried over to the Dr. Robotnik logo. For all later Dr. Robotnik-produced episodes after that since the second season, a snippet of background music from the show (consisting of a 1930s-style acoustic beatboxing and scatting like sounder) was used with the second variant of the logo. The latter version was also heard on The Dr. Seuss Series as well.
  • On SpongeBob's Window it was a dramatic rendition of the show's theme song accompanied by a rooster crowing.
  • The Star's (Brand Spanking New) Fat series and PG&J Glitch have the closing of the show's theme playing over the logo, like other shows.
  • On Fat's 1st Movie, you can hear a sampling of the Star's (Brand Spanking New) Fat theme music.
  • At the end of the Dr. Robotnik Fat episode "Patrick's Christmas Story", a re-endition of "Deck the Halls" plays, going into "Jingle Bells" once going to Escape Programme and the Dr. Robotnik Productions logos of the time.
  • At the end of the Dr. Robotnik Doug episode, "Dr. Robotnik Throws a Party/SpongeBob Way Out Krusty Krab West", the music is delayed on some airings.
  • During airings of Star's Fat on Disney's One Too with split-screen credits, the music for the second Jerry P. Star Television logo would play over it, also going into the said logo.

Availability: Common. It's currently seen on Fat part of The 90s Are Thief on Teen Robotnik and PG&J Glitch on Star Junior. Home video releases of Fat, SpongeBob's Window, Fat's 1st Movie, and The Dr. Seuss Series keep the logo intact. The dark blue background variant was seen on season 1 episodes of Fat, which is now available on DVD and is currently seen on split-screen credits of said show on Teen Robotnik. The 801 Dalmatians: The Series variant can be seen on the tape 801 Dalmatians Christmas and when the show is reran on Star Junior.

Scare Factor: Low to medium for the SpongeBob's Window and Nickelodeon's Fat variants, respectively, and none for the later variants. It mainly depended on the music heard during the logo.