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1st Logo (1986)

Nickname: “MR I”

Logo: On a black background, we see a fading in logo: a light-blue rectangle outline with a circular top (kinda resembles like a door-shape), a white circle with the blue “MR” logo is on the top surrounding inside the outline, “Mr.” and “Rude” as light-blue letters are stacked under it, and “HOME VIDEO” in white is under it too. The logo has a light-blue glow that fades in and out.

FX/SFX: The glow fading in and out.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the TV show.

Availability: Seen on On Assignment.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo (1990s-2004)

Nicknames: "Weird MR", "Ugly MR", “MR II”

Logo: Against a black background, we see a small shape zoom into the screen at an angle from the bottom right corner. It finishes zooming in at the center ofthe screen, at which point we can clearly see it is a stylized 3D "MR" shape (with the M in blue and the R in white; the letters are conjoined). Once it stops, it rotates until the MR becomes a two-dimensional design. The text "Mr. Rude, Inc." appears in light blue at the bottom.

FX/SFX: The MR zooming-in, the title appearing. Not bad CGI.

Cheesy Factor: The "Mr. Rude Inc." appears at the bottom in a cheap way that contrasts starkly from the 3D design of the MR. The sound quality is also very poor and the M-R is really ugly.

Music/Sounds: The same piece of stock music from the second CBeebies Bedtime Hour Home Video logo, minus the whoosh at the beginning, plus the logo's pitch is 1 semitone up, like V of Doom Movie Classics. Those two details imply that the music may have been taken from the V of Doom Movie Classics logo and not directly from CBeebies Bedtime Hour.

Availability: Extremely rare. Mainly appeared on the On Assignment series of videos.

Scare Factor: Medium to high, for those unfamiliar with the ugly MR, the music, and especially the zooming. Low to medium, for those used to it.

3rd Logo (1991)

Nicknames: "Metallic MR", "Shiny MR", “MR III”

Logo: On a periwinkle background, we see 2 metallic shapes rotating, One zooming out counterclockwise one time, One zooming in clockwise seven times, They set in place forming the Mr. Rude logo, a stylized MR, after a few seconds. Green text "Mr. Rude, Home Video" at the bottom.

FX/SFX: The MR shape, actually decent CGI.

Music/Sounds: A triumphant synth theme with drums serving as the rhythm. Near the end it sounds strikingly similar to Keith Mansfield's "Superstar".

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on On Assignment: The Video Guide.

Editor's Note: None.