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Background: Muerto ALF Interactivo (Dead ALF Interactive) is a Castilian Spanish game company that was developed by the owner of Producciones Muerto ALF, it produces the horror video games which it’s for PC or consoles. it was founded in 2000, which the horror games are first released in 2000 is “Zombie Attack! Hazel” (translated in English).

1st logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s extremely gore content. photos and videos will not be seen on site.

Nickname: “Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears: Spain edition” “Dead ALF, but it’s a video game logo” “Spain’s most disgusting interactive logo ever!” “this is NOT okay, Spain!”

Logo: On a black background, we see ALF (the character from ALF, but from Producciones Muerto ALF logo) laying dead probably. but with a lot of blood that was shown, we see a photo of the cat that is on the blue background that was hanging on the wall. the text “Muerto ALF Interactivo” in red which it was shown.”


  • It was remastered on PC and consoles like XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii such as “Zombie Attack! Hazel”.

Technique: none.

Music/Sound: none.

Availability: Common. Seen on some horror video games that is on PC and consoles.

Legacy: This logo is on extremely gore content, due to graphic nature which it appears to be scary.

2nd logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s extremely gore content. Photos and videos will not be seen on site.

Nickname: “ALF on operating table” “ALF Autopsy confirmed” “Dead ALF II” “no way! this could probably happen!” “Dead Osodashi Pictures’s cousin” “this is why I’m not playing this Hazel vs Parasite Monsters ever again!” “Spain’s mostest disgusting logo that I ever seen!”

Logo: On a black background, we see ALF strapped on an operating table (a la Dead Osodashi Pictures) as his stomach is cut due to surgeon giving him an autopsy which he also has electrodes that had on top of his head. then ALF pukes blood which it also intestines were followed with possibly pooping blood meant to be by the following (probably green since melmacian’s blood had a green color), then he dies of blood loss. the text “Muerto ALF Interactivo” in dark red as seen in Hoefler font. logo fades out afterwards.


  • On some horror video game called “Fire by the Desert”, it cuts to the character Derek opening the door as he says “good morning, ALF.” in English or Spanish.
  • On “Hazel: Day of the Dead”, sometimes the scene of ALF Autopsy where ALF doesn’t have a head in place of puking blood. but instead, we see ALF with electrodes on his head and it was seen hanging on the ceiling.
  • On “United Street of the Killers”, the camera moves which the counter of the surgery room has a TV with the 1975 Capitol International on and the tools that the autopsy surgeon has (like electrodes, and other tools) were shown. but the camera moves to the left when the shot of the same scene of the logo was shown.
  • Long version exists on some video games that are on consoles (like XBOX 360, XB0X ONE, PS3, PS4, PS5, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and PSP), which they added the room for the scene from ALF Autopsy and some hallway scenes.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sound: a suspense horror music followed by ALF in pain (much as screaming, panting, and crying) and puking when crying stops.

Music/Sound Variations:

  • On “Fire by the Desert”, the door creaking sound it opens, followed by Derek saying “good morning, ALF.” in English or Spanish.
  • On “Hazel: Day of the Dead”, the humming sounds and the theme of “Hazel” series was heard.
  • On “Frogs: The Video Game”, the frog sound was heard.
  • On “United Street of the Killers”, The 1975 Capitol International logo is in place of the suspense horror music which it followed with same sounds.
  • On the long version, the music was replaced with some synth music with the deep blues-like tune similar to the 1990s Madacy Video logo. it had quiet whimper of pain and defeat with the electronic buzzing sounds (the sound is used by the Russian Lean-M logo), the screaming of guttural roars were both heard in the hallway before the pain sounds followed. which the part of the synth music playing which sounding similar to 1986 The Video Collection fanfare which turning into a creepy music.
  • On the Spanish-Japanese collaborated game of “Jerry: Attack of the Killer Tom Cat” (in which it’s parodied of the cartoon), the Japanese theme song of “Tom and Jerry” is in place of the original horror music after the another company fading out.

Availability: Seen on the horror video games which directly released on PC or consoles such as “Hazel vs Parasite Monsters” and “Fire by the Desert”.

Legacy: Much like the Arab Dead Osodashi Pictures, the logo is very kinda graphic nature due to its gore content. which the logo used to be scary which it can upset the Spanish fans of the 1986 TV series called “ALF”.

3rd logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s gore content. Photos and videos will not be seen on site.

Nickname: “Dead ALF III” “okay, this logo is very violent out there” “R.I.P. ALF” “The who killed ALF? logo”

Logo: In the set of Madrid, Spain, we see ALF running across the street as he occasionally jogs mostly like joggers. until he saw the killers from Fire by the Desert running to him as he started chasing him, and then he kills ALF. then we see ALF laying dead on the sidewalk with pool of blood as people were shocked, the words “Muerto ALF Interactivo” in red which in different font. the logo ends as it fades out.


  • On the video game “Death Batch”, ALF wasn’t dead as he ran away from the killers.
  • On “ALF vs Cujo”, the killers are replaced with Cujo from the Stephen King’s book for a titular character.

Technique: At the time, it’s CGI animated.

Music/Sound: The cars making all of the noises, running sounds, panting sounds, the killer chanting, then stabbing sounds, and then ALF screaming followed by many people gasping and screaming. then there is a sound of the car when the logo appears.

Music/Sound Variations:

  • On “ALF vs Cujo”, the dog growling sound is in place of chanting and then biting is in place of stabbing sounds.
  • On “Death Batch”, there is no stabbing and screaming sound as well. but instead, the panting sound followed by groaning noises coming from ALF as he almost got stabbed.
  • On some video games that are on PS5 and XBOX Series X, The Tom and Jerry Tales theme plays at the following of the sounds. but the music stopped as the horror music plays throughout the sounds, the theme song was high pitched due to a PAL format.

Availability: Seen on some horror video games that are on PC, Nintendo Switch, XBOX, PS4 and PS5 such as “Hazel and the Haunted Werewolves” and “ALF vs Cujo”.

Legacy: The logo is still on gore content, however the it only seems to be here as the variant is way tamer than any variations and original ones.