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The SCP Movie [2012]

The logo is giltched with tv noise effect with old-looking effects.

on trailers, the SCP Foundation logo is used.

Gulgar [2001-]

The logo is in brown-ish color.

No Littering [3002-]

the logo is in black and white. instead of spinning, 4 parts crashes and litters.

CNVHVFHVHHVABCK Chaos! Cartoon Network Vs Hatena Vs Flipnote Hatena Vs Hatena Haiku Vs Australian Broadcasting Corporation Kids Chaos! (2010)

Chaos Emeralds appear around and later they make a vs match.


The 1990's logo plays, but SUPER GIANT letters fall with a parachute over their heads.


Top Cat (1991):==

Top Cat and his gang juggle the letters before tossing them into the air to form the logo.


Mario's Final Jump (1982):

The Phase 4 logo plays but Mario jumps on the logo at the end.

Derpy Hooves

The Last Roundup (2011):

Same logo, but the Derpy Hooves' head instead of 4, and the smoke of text says "I HATE PONIES!"