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Metro Goldwyn Mayer (2021) Logo

The 2021 logo of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), featuring a CGI version of Leo the Lion.

These are my own Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 2021 logo variants.

"Time for Teletubbies!" (2022)[]

Teaser Trailer[]

In a teaser trailer, the 2021 logo is playing normally, but Leo's roar is replaced with a Tubby Phone ringing sound

Trailers and TV Spots[]

But mostly in some trailers or TV spots, the logo plays normaly as Leo starts his roars

In the first trailer, the logo plays normal, but Leo's roar is replaced with the Teletubbies (from the 2015 rebooted series) saying "Eh-Oh!"

Start at the film[]

The logo plays normal as the 2015 Teletubbies theme starts playing, Leo roars during the music, and after Leo finishes his second roar, the logo fades to black, before fading to TeletubbyLand.

Dumb Ways to Die (2024)[]

Teaser Trailer[]

In a teaser trailer, Lax (from Dumb Ways to Die) appears along with the logo, uses one of Leo's roars. But later after scenes from the DWtD music video, (as the DWtD third chorus instrumental continues playing) Lax hears a lion's roar, and a real life lion appears, and Lax looks at the camera and says "Uh-oh". The screen shows the Dumb Ways to Die logo (in white) while the lion attacks Lax, one of Leo's roars (from the 2008 logo) can heard while one of Lax's screams (from "Be Wary of Loose Clothing") is heard again for the second time as the final part of the chorus plays in the background.

Trailers and TV Spots[]

In one of the trailers, the logo vertically plays normal while Leo roars.

In other TV spots, the logo is the same as it plays normal and Leo roars.

Start at the film[]

At the start of the logo, the logo plays normal until the second roar, where the CGI version of Leo forms into Dumbbell (from Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games). Then an beach ball falls down and Dumbbell leaps out from the ribbon and tosses the ball off screen, before he jumps off-screen as the logo falls down to reveal a Train Station (from the DWtD OG app) (in colour). This variant is similar to The Addams Family (2019), and his default voice (from "The Final Dumbtier" trailer, and the DWtD2 minigame, "Shark Jumping") can be heard in the logo.


  • At the start of the film "Time for Teletubbies!", it's possible to hear one of Leo's roars while the theme tune of "Teletubbies" is playing.
    • The bird sounds can be heard after Leo finishes his second roar.
  • In the teaser trailer, this is the second time that we can hear Lax's voice from the video, "Be Wary of Loose Clothing"
    • However in the same trailer, Lax is seen with a different death, instead of vomiting to death, he gets attacked by a real-life lion, which is shown off-screen.
  • This is the first time that we can hear the lion's roars (sounding like one of Leo's roars from the 2008 logo) and even one of Lax's screams (from the video, "Be Wary of Loose Clothing").
    • Lax's voice can be heard once again in the trailer (and one of his screams sounded the same as "Be Wary of Loose Clothing")
  • The first time that a CGI version of Leo turned into Dumbbell.
    • Lax (in the teaser trailer logo) and Dumbbell (who got formed from Leo in the logo) are the only characters to only roar in the 2021 MGM logo
  • Dumbbell was the only character to appear in the logo after Leo getting formed into a DWtD2 character, but it's possible to hear his default voice (from "Shark Jumping", and "The Final Dumbtier") in the logo.