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Background: TBA

1st Logo (2001-2003)

Nature cat 1.png

Logo: We see a picture of Nature Cat on it's backyard, on a dark scheme-like background. Over the bottom of the logo we see the text "Nature Cat Production Publishing Company", on Elephant, in yellow. On the same font and color, this text reads below: A subsidiary of Sony Television Manufacturing and Kachjont Pictures".

FX/SFX: None, it's a still logo.

Trivia/Cheesy Factor: If you though the Brothers Grunt were pioneers before the series (more information here: , Nature Cat was designed before Adam Rudman adopted it. It was created by Haldson Bigger, which is also the creator of Helix The Cat, which became the official mascot of DNA Productions. Not very suspicious though it never was released as a series until 2015.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show, or Nature Cat saying: Onward and yonward!

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor: Medium. If you aren't interested with dark-scheme vanity cards, this may get you, otherwise it's harmless.

2nd Logo (2003-2009)

Nature cat 2.png

Logo: On a white background, we see the same Nature Cat from before, but pulling a wagon that reads "Nature Cat", (on a somewhat called crazy but beautiful font, possibly Curly) on a wagon, while under "Nature Cat", on the cart's outer base, reads "PRODUCTION PUBLISHING" (set in Arial Cinematographic font). The wagon then bumps into he, gets surprised, and shakes. It gets normal once it shakes. There is a copyright notice between the Sony Television Manufacturing, Warner Kyoukai and Shiverplat Productions below the logo on some prints of some shows produced by it.

  • There is an alternate version, which Nature Cat Never opens it's mouth.
  • The original, as well as alternate version would be short in some shows.
  • Nature Cat was replaced by Ronald or some other characters on the show seen on only one episode of Suffer Your Supper: Chapter 63.
  • There was a long version, which is mostly hard to describe.
  • The company's warning credit card would be seen on some shows.
  • Sometimes, the copyright notice does not appear at all.

FX/SFX: Nature Cat's movements and the letters bumping inside her. The copyright notice also fades in below.

Cheesy Factor: Although the logo's concept is good, this suffers from choppy animation. Blame Icorio Sagain, animator of this logo, but let's give him and it's works credit from what it's the most of all cheesiest logos to stand. It's also saved by the extreme coolness of the logo, though.

Music/Sounds: A somewhat dramatic 10-note violin fanfare, then 5 more quick notes, a brief piano "pluck", and a final string note. The logo had a higher pitch when it was first used in 2003. In around 2009, the music is in a normal pitch.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, the music is shortened into 3 seconds, as well as the logo itself
  • Sometimes is the opening theme of the show.
  • Sometimes it's silent for other reasons like bankruptcy from some shows.
  • The last parts of the note would be repeated when some shows on the Eastern side of the United States would have this logo fading-in to the Central Florida International Films intro. This has been an error or something, but it's very tough to find.

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor: Low to medium. Some may notice that Nature Cat is too good for a logo which appeared in many shows, but still the fanfare may get to some.

3rd Logo


Nature cat 3.png
Nature cat 3-0.png