Adam's Dream Logos 2.0 - Adam's Closing Logos - Dream Logos Wiki

when paul land is 12 in 1952 he dreaming about an anime studio,in 1963 his dream came true in new york, new york

logo 1 (1963-1969)

logo:we see a line going up and down when 4 seconds later it turns into the text "new land studios"

  • on jimland it's still

fx/sfx:all of it

music/sounds:a 5-note piano

availability:seen on 1960's shows huie face,2015,ally long,singpoor,goal boy and 1999

scare factor:none

logo 2 (1969-1975)

logo:we see 2 boys with the text new land studios


music/sounds:just the closing theme of the show

availabillity:seen on 2019,yui june,elle,x head,123454321123454321,a long long time and grace jon

scare factor:none

more coming soon