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File:Next level studios logo.jpg

The Logo As Seen Here.

Next Level Studios Is The Third Company Of Gary Barber And Roger Birnbaum After The Late Spyglass Entertainment's Sacrifice For MGM's Bankruptcy.

1st Logo (2013-)


  • "The Planet"
  • "The CGI Saturn"

On A Black BG, We Pan Across A Blue Ring, Which Looks Like A Recording Disk. The Planet Follows It. There Is A Camera Lens Inside The Planet. The Structure Stands In Its Normal Postition, As The Multiple Words "NEXT LEVEL" Slides In From The Right, Along With Its Shadow On The Planet. Then, With A Flash, The Logo Zooms Out As The Text "NEXT LEVEL" Becomes 2D-Style As "STUDIOS" Appears Below. Then The Logo Zooms Out With 3 Print Logo-Like Effects, And During The Still-Shot The Planet Turns Brown.


  • On Every Film Produced By NLS Starting With Star Trek Into Darkness, The Logo Just Fades Out.
  • On The Backyardigans Movie, The Logo Fades Into The Sun.


The Ring Moving, The Animation Inside The Planet, And The Formation Of The Logo.


A Note Composed Of Cymbal Beats And Noise Effects.

Music/Sounds Variant

For The Extended Version, After The Music Above (Which Appears To Be Rearranged) Is Heard, It Follows With A 3 Whoosh-Like Sounds.


Rare For The Extended Version, Whom Only Seen On G.I. Joe Retaliation (Co-Production With Paramount Pictures, Skydance Productions And Hasbro), Which This Logo Is Forbidden To Be Seen On Any Other Of NLS's Films (Except For The End Of NLS's Films Though). Current For The Regular Version. This Logo Is Seen On Newer Films By NLS Like Star Trek Into Darkness (Co-Production With Paramount Pictures And Bad Robot), Mr. Peabody And Sherman (Co-Production With Dreamworks Animation), Noah (Co-Production With Paramount Pictures), The AGK Misadventures: The Movie (Co-Production With 20th Century Fox, UTV Motion Pictures And Slikk Entertainment) And Ninja Turtles (Co-Production With Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies And Platinum Dunes).

Scare Factor