1st Logo (2004-2007, 2014-)

Nickname: "Demonic Outlined Computer" , "Dauphine Productions's Evil Brother"

Logo: On a Gray-darkish cloudy background, we see a orange line drawing an outline of a computer. "Nickelodeon Webheads Productions", with Nickelodeon inside it's famous splat and in it's famous font, wipes in below and slowly explodes.

Variants: On Monica The Cute Little Girl, the Computer outline is replaced by Monica standing on the text and the background takes place on a cloudy, rainy-looking sky background just like the Dauphine Productions logo and it doesn't explode at all instead it cuts to the ConnorWorks Entertainment logo

FX/SFX: The drawing of the computer, "Nickelodeon Webheads Productions" wiping in.

Music/Sounds: A evil-sounding synth bang with the "Boing" novelty voice from Mac OS X saying the company name at the end

Availability: It's known to be seen on Crazy Kid Stuck in the Internet(Including The 2014 revival). Reruns air on NickToons as a overnight filler, so it's easy to find.

Editor’s Note: None.

2nd Logo (2007-)

Nickname:"The Demonic Outlined computer 2" "Mister Paramedia And Mister IHI Has a Brother"

Logo: On a BG composed of skeletons, we see a orange abstract computer with dots streaming from it's left, giving the impression that it's moving. On the comet, we see the text "Nickelodeon Webheads Productions" with Nickelodeon in it's famous splat and in it's famous font Then Strobe effects happen Then Explodes at the end Like the 1st logo.

Variants:it despends

On Saoirse In Time, The logo Gets Pwned By Saoirse

On the first season of WeegeeBros. Mario appears and destroys the whole logo

Starting in 2009, the new Nickelodeon logo is used.

FX/SFX: The dots moving.

Music/Sounds:It despends

A Synth bass that turns Into a Extremely loud Whirring noise all the while then we hear the same bang from the 1st logo.

  • For the Saoirse In Time Variant, The Whirring noise Is Interrupted by a punching noise
  • On the WeegeeBros variant, demolishing sounds are heard Plus There's No Whiring Sound.

Availability: Seen on newer programs from this company.

Editor’s Note: None.

3rd logo (2008)

Nicknames:The Spining Computer

Logo:Same as the Spin the Bottle Inc logo But the bottle is replaced by a computer And the text reads Nickelodeon Webheads Productions With nickelodeon in its famous Splat And in its famous font

Fx:Same as the Spin the Bottle Inc Logo

Music and sounds:Same as the 1st Spin the bottle Ltd Logo

Availability:Seen on the Now Revived Pinwheel series

Editor’s Note: None.

4th Logo


Nicknames: "The Funniest Videoman International logo from 1987 Parody that was Ever Seen!" "The Sun and Grid And The Music has a Glitch" "Estudios Maurcio De Sousa's Father" "The Computer Strikes Back!"


FX/SFX:Really great CGI!

Music And Sounds:TBA


Editor’s Note: None.

5th Logo


Nicknames:The return of the Demonic Outline Computer "The Burning Abstract Computer" "Incinerator Studio's Big Brother"




Music and sounds:TBA


Editor’s Note: None.

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