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1st Logo (1992-1997)[]

Logo: On a green background, we see the Nico's Corporation logo zooming out. When this happens, a builder's hat falls on top of the Nico's Corporation logo. After this, we see a hammer on left on the logo. Then, the word "Nico's Corporation" forms at a round wipe effect. While this happens, a wrench appears on the right.


  • Nico's Mall commercial variant exists. When the logo ends, we see a black background with texts saying copyrights of Nico's Corporation and the name of the commercial and mall publisher.
    • Another Nico's Mall commercial variant exists, near the end. We only see the logo falling through a black cart.
  • Early variants (1993-1995) have the N in the logo pixelated.
  • Prototype variants have a different pixelated font of the N, called "Nico Sans Pixel Proto".
  • The 2005 version appears to be a 10th anniversary version. Instead, the greenish tint is gold instead of green, and 10 appears below the logo, zooming in. The builder's hat also is a party hat.

FX/SFX: The builder's hat falling out, the hammer and wrench, and the text. Live-action for the 2nd Nico's Mall commercial variant.

Music/Sounds: The central cake.

2nd Logo (1997-)[]

Logo: We see a black background with the logo and the text "Nico's Corporation" behind it. The parts of the text become green and back to white, syncing to the music and the last part fades out to white instead turning to white.


  • Nico's Stu variant has Nico's as the first part and U has the last part, and the logo has many models of the game "Nico's Nextbots", due to the popularity of the game.
  • In 2005, the font has changed to a custom font called "Nico Sans".
  • Anniversary versions exists, being the 20th or the 30th anniversary version. The logo takes place inside the number which year is celebrating.

FX/SFX: The texts syncing down like the lyrics did.

Music/Sounds: A slowed down and rearranged version of the Nico's Nextbots menu music made in synth and piano noted, and the key of the sounds is changed to G# or Ab.