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Here's a logo variations of Nintendo Pictures.


Super Mario Bros. 2 (1995): Wart replaces Yoshi.

Centaurworld (1996): It's silent.

Cyw the Chicken 2: Rise in the Club (1998): Dewi (from the film) replaces Yoshi.

Centaurworld 2 (1998): The logo is tinted pink.

Winnie the Pooh's Big Toilet Drama (1999): At the end, some giant poop drops onto the Yoshi spinx, covering the text in brown.


Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island (2000 and 2002 respectively): Instead of the wind sounds, a group of Yoshis say "Nintendo".

Centaurworld: The Last Lullaby (2000): The wind chimes are replaced with the following:

  • Bones cracking (Start)
  • Comfortable Doug saying "Goodbye!" (End)

Mario's Pipe Maze (2001): The Nintendo logo is green, refering to the pipe's colors. Only seen in the trailer.

Cyw Goes to Japan (2006): The last appearence of the logo. Short Japanese music plays.


Super Mario Galaxy (2006): The first appearence of the logo, but it's just the gray Nintendo logo fading in on a black background and then fading out. This follows the Abarkada Productions logo.

Wii Day (2008): The "i"s do not get scared by the Nintendo logo because two of the "i"s walk away to segue into the Wii Day title.

Super Mario Galaxy: The Second Part (2009): The normal logo plays on a black background.

Cyw and Friends in Schooled Out (2011): Clones of Cyw replaces the "i"s.

The Bengal Cats (2011): The 2006 logo fades out to the night sky.

Mario in Back to the Pipe Maze (2011): The logo and the "i"s are green once again. This is only seen in the trailer.

Super Smash Bros. (2012): When the logo is finished, it dissolves into the blue energy from the Cosmic Cube.


The Bengal Cats in Raganrock (2017): Once the logo finishes, it is seen burning red as flames appear below the logo. The camera then pans down into the opening scene.

Cyw without Llew (2021, Peacock series):

  • On Episode 1, when "Pictures" appears, the entire logo turns black and white and into a 2D logo with a shadow effect. The aspect ratio also changes towards the end.
  • On Episode 8, the background turns purple towards the end, and gets swept away by black smoke.

Loki the Cat (2021, Peacock series): On Episode 1, the logo turns green during the zoom-out, with the footage turning golden yellow, and the background is black.