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Sony Television Manufacturing, founded as Nippon Yusen Co. Ltd, by former Nippon Yusen director Seiya Kaigen, and former PCL workers Hamachi "Jun'nosuke" Miyamoto, Mahito Yokota, Ikadzuro "Seiko" Goyui, Akito Nakatsuka and Toshiyuki Sudo. Soon it became Sony Television Manufacturing by Ikadzuro Goyui and Hantsu Hiiragi.

Nippon Yusen Co. Ltd.

Warning: Due to the variant's extremely bloody and corpsey nature, videos and captures of the Sinners of Hell variant will not be allowed on this site. Also, don't look up a video for all the variants if your prone to seizures.


Nippon Yusei.png

Logo: We see various thunders and fogs on a black background rapidly as a thing zooms to us. That thing is a red-twice-striped white flag on the Planet Earth (which the flag and it's flagpole are more bigger). A thunderbolt then strikes the flagpole, and many flashing lights make conjoint with it, (a la Ear Booker Productions logo) so the background changes into a sunburst background (think of the Toho Co. Ltd logo), and japanese text zooms out to us, with the flag still waving on to the screen. The text undeniably says "Nippon Yusen Co. Ltd." And another japanese text, which describes as "proudly presents" appears, then the flag draws with lasers, displaying as an abstract "NY" with a rising sun on the right. The flag then stops waving all due to the flash occured on the background. All the background then shines and then zooms in to the viewer.


  • Sometimes, a text in the upper side of the screen, displaying "Ikaduzuro Goyui and Hamachi Miyamoto's" appears by fading in from left to right.
  • On the Sinners of Hell (1962), the logo was more darker, there was blood splattering onto the background, when the flagpole strikes on it, a skinless man with blood on it appears by split seconds, spitting organs all over the screen (detailed to the point of being realistic), a dead corpse is seen in the sunburst background and the flag is all red, and the drawing has a knife with some brain stuck on it, making it the zooming in with the same flagpole-crashing flashing lights, and some blood splattering on it, making it cut to the opening theme of the movie.
  • Originally, this was shown in black & white.

FX/SFX: The thunders, the flag, the flashing lights, the zooming out of the text. All done in xerography effects.


  • 1953-1961: The sound of the thunders, an ascending menacing flute arpeggio when the flag waves, An orchestrated bombastic note when the flashing lights appear, and it changes note when the sunburst appears, And an upbeat out of control orchestrated menacing fanfare which sounds like the Tie Fighters Music, but it changes speed with the flag waving, And some extremely loud laser sounds when the "NY" and the rising sun draws. The fanfare then ends with 4 dramatic notes.
  • 1961-1972: Same as before, but with an upbeat orchestral theme over the logo, which then later would be used for the Jef Films logo, and the music effects are more softer, followed by descending bells when the logo shines.

Music/Sound Variant: On The Sinners of Hell, it’s the music used from 1953-1961, but more louder.

Availability: Extremely rare, seen on their films from the time, like Soon Going Boomed (1954) (The first color film by the company), Sinners of Hell (1962), and 2000 + 2000 (1970). The black and white version is seen on black & white movies from the company, like Stormy Night (1953), were the logo is shown for the very first time.

Editor’s Note: The thunder sounding, the menacing animation, the orchestral fanfare, the sunburst background, and flashing lights, which are epileptic for everyone, combined with the laser sounds may startle everyone and run in fear, and one may know that the logo is going to attack you when the logo zooms out, and shatter the big cinema screen! That demostrates how bad the logo is! However, you will be fine if you get used to it. It doesn't help matters if the logo is in black and white, making it more colorless! The 1961 version does make this logo tamer, thanks to the more softer lazer sounding and orchestral theme but the thunder and effects are still there, along with the flashing lights. In fact, the first time you see it, it may throw you down. For the Sinners of Hell variant, WHAT ON THE GREEN EARTH WAS THAT? HOW DID THEY SHOW IT IN PUBLIC JAPANESE CINEMAS ON THE TIME?? The extremely gory and bloody content, containing the thunders, the still menacing animation and the corpse which spits organs everywhere, looks like a succubus, and the fanfare being louder than the 1953 variant and curling blood over the flag, also the knife over the brain will make you never sleep and run in fear. This variant was so bad, that the director of the company sued them ¥ 5000.00 for a week for showing them for an extremely horror-ish movie, but they did it, actually. This is one of the scariest logos ever made.

Sony Television Manufacturing

1st logo (1973-1985)

Warning: Don't watch a video if your prone to seizures.

Sony logo 1.png

Logo: We see flashing lights (circles, squares, extreme close-ups of comets) taking over the screen for 3 seconds. Then some points flash for a second, which are remniscents over the flashing lights, and when they stop flashing they merge into one to make an close up of paralellogram, with searchlights (WRGB) over their borders. The paralellogram then zooms out and spins with trails, where the paralelogram shatters, and then remerges to form the platinum letters "SONY", while the searchlights are still moving.

Variant: A still version had the same "SONY" text, but with no searchlights whatsoever and a text in japanese which traduces into "PRODUCED IN ASSOCIATION WITH" in the top, and "TELEVISION MANUFACTURING" in the bottom, all in traditional japanese script, in a black background.

FX/SFX: Literally everything in the logo, witch is scanimation combined with xerography animation. None for the still version.


  • Original Version: A mish-mash of global warming and explosions sounds, followed by an fast South asian ditty, a la Yuva Chithra logo. Once the text morphs, a very high-pitched screech, that sounds like an eagle's cry or a sword clashing each other, with the fanfare ending with a man saying "It's a Sony."
  • Still Variant: A groovy synth jingle with four gradually louder two-note bursts from a brass section, combined with a descending slap-bass line, and ending in three brass notes, a cymbal on the third note and a short synth drumroll.

Availability: Rare, seen on a lot of films form the time, one of them is Super Awesome Pack (1978), the still version is seen on television shows from them, like RoTroll X (1983-1985).

Editor’s Note: The searchlights, the extremely fast flashing, the sudden text, the music and the loud screech scared lots of japanese people at the time. The subject matter of the logo is very jarring, but is still impressive. The flashing lights still can induce people seizures like before, but it's a good change compared to the Nippon Yusen logo. The still version‘s groovy nature for the whole thing mitigates any fears that might be induced by the darkness and the traditional japanese text.

2nd logo (1985-1992)

Sony logo 2.png

Logo: Set on a black background, several dots flash into the center of it. Then, the dots move to form a teardrop-like figure, which five firework-like lines would crash into one of the dots. One of the lines superimposes one dot. The lines then send dust, which takes place for the logo of "It's a Sony", but with lines, zoom out with trails, a la IMAX 1st logo. The whole background then flashes and then induces a changing-colors background, with many things on it, such as lines and etcetera. The background then zooms out rapidly to take place for "SONY" to squash over the lined circles. the text, which translates into "SONY TELEVISION MANUFACTURING,CO." appears by zooming in and take place in the bottom, all while the dots are still moving when the whole background changes, and the teardrop-like figure returns when all the logo flashes. We then cut to black.

Variant: A version started with the background changing, and only the text appears after that.

FX/SFX: Literally everything in the logo. For the variant, only the background appearing and the text fading in.

Cheesy Factor: So they can't find a better animation than a dated, abruptive one? Also, the background changing seems more like the "Trouble(UK)" logo. The dots look like your video is buffering through, though it saves by the firework-lines, which whom they dusts are completely unnecessary.


  • Original Version: Pinball-like dings to start, then a series of electronic rumbles, and then an explosion followed by an extremely rapid ping-sound conjoint with an synth orchestra, an electronic rendition of "Umi Yukaba" at it's first notes, and then to finish, an real orchestra with 10 notes, with their final note being cutted to the same ping sound conjoint,and a man saying "It's a Sony."
  • Variant: A shorter version of the logo, starting with the last part of the ping sound conjoint, and a man saying "It's a Sony." Sometimes, the man would not speak.

Availability: TBA.

Scare Factor:

  • Original Version: High. The sudden animation and anticipation,along with the music and sounds and the extremely dated, jarring and obsessionist nature of the logo can cause many scares, Not to mention on it's first years it used on tandem with the first logo, but it's a great improvement over the first one.
  • Variant: Low to high. The fact that it starts with the logo changing the background and the sudden text and announcer would startle many more.
  • But it's a Minimal rating for those who are used to it.

Availability: TBA.

3rd logo (1992-)

Sony logo 3.png

Logo: Against a lined background, the words SONY (in the SONY typeface) and two japanese text, all of which traduce to "TELEVISION MANUFACTURING CO." and "TELEVISION PRODUCTIONS AND ORIGINALS" emerge and zoom away downwards from the screen. The three words aren't directly stacked at first, but as the animation progresses, they slide into place. A horizontal line is drawn between the two japanese texts. While this happens, a flash of light appears on the left side of the screen, and the lines in the background themselves back away as well, eventually moving back to the upper part of the screen and into a diagonal pattern to form the logo. The flash dissipates and we see a oblong orange-white glare surrounding the logo and words, which shrinks into the bars to give it a shine. The finished logo appears against a shaded navy blue background. The logo is a striped parallelogram.


  • A filmed version exists.
  • There is a longer version of the logo featuring an extreme close up of the stacked names at the begginning of the animation. It starts off with a bright white light and later reveals the names as the light dies down. While the logo finishes, it shows a longer shot of the logo.
  • The rest TBA.

FX/SFX: Words flying down, bars zooming back and tilting, the white flash and glare shrinking into the bars.

Cheesy Factor: This logo looks extremely simple and corporate, almost like it was produced for a video at a business meeting, and is an obvious product of the 2000s. This kind of logo would not be made now. The transition from the Sony logo looks very cheap and rushed, and some uses of it have the Sony logo silent, with the short SPT jingle cutting in halfway through. Music/Sounds: A majestic 5-note orchestral theme composed by Ikaduzuro Goyui and Tatsuya Ishihara, which sounds vaguely similar to the Habanera section of Bizet's opera Carmen.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The long version has a descending tune played by a piano before the actual fanfare (which is a bit re-orchestrated, made by Yoshitaka Arata) And the last note is held more than usual.
  • The Samao Singapura 2 ( coroproduction with New Great Star) is more scary than normal version.

Availability: Very common. In fact, it might be the most common logo ever. Seen on new series and a tremendous amount of japanese dubs of classic shows, off-net syndication series, TV movies, Aniplex releases and theatrical films on television, such as Quick Draw McGraw, Super Milk-Chan, Calvin and the Colonel, The Book of Life, Nichijou, Yuyushiki, Pankis 2-jigen, Nation Cat (japanese version of Nature Cat) Zootopia, the Various Animations of the Year series and Regular Show. Also, this also might be the most plastered logo ever, but it's a logo that grows on you.

Scare Factor: None. The animation is clean and nice, yet boring, but it's not a favorite of most logo fans due to its very excessive appearance and omnipresence, infact it plasters even more than the Aniplex logo ever could!  Arguably one of the most hated logos of all-time, although when it first appeared in 1992, it was not as hated as it is now because it had yet to become as common.

Bonus Info : From 1992 to 1994 in Cambodia company was called Nippon Khmer Sony Company. In 1994 was eliminated by Cambodian Color Productions from Cambodian Film Companies Catalogue 1994/95. That's the reason of Japanese- Cambodian ,, Film War '' which was begin the ,, Film Wars ( ended in 2004). Result: Many companies was defunct.

Here is the not official projects:

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