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Niz Films is a Nepali movie studio was founded in 1987, the movie studio was headquartered in Nepalese City of Pokhara, Nepal. In 1999, the movie studio filed for bankruptcy.

1st logo (1989-1993)[]

Niz films logo (1989-1993)

Nicknames: If Information Department of Nepalese Government was an 80s logo, Niz From Hell

Logo: On the night background with clouds with a green grass, we see a Niz Chicoloco standing on the grey statue stand and the light purple smokes smoking around the Niz Chicoloco, the name of the company doesn't appear.

FX\SFX: Really creepy live-action.

Scare factor: Niz Chicoloco looks disturbing and scary creepily while standing on the statue stand.

2nd logo (1993-1999)[]

Niz films logo (1993-1999)

Nicknames: Niz Chicoloco´s Closeup, Niz From Hell 2

Logo: On the purple and pink sunset, we see a closeup of Niz Chicoloco zooming in with his mouth having black smoke. The logo crossfades, and the purple Nepalese text saying "Niz Films" appears.

FX\SFX: Very creepy live action.

Scare factor: Niz Chicoloco looks scary and gives an jumpscare.