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Background: Noggin returned once again in 2017 as a movie company.


Logo: The Noggin logo is created, there are 3 ways this happens. All listed in the variants.


  • Cardboard: A cardboard Noggin logo withou a N appears over a magenta text reading "Movies" then a cardboard N falls in place.
  • Knitting: Two flying knitting needles knit the Noggin logo. Then "Movies" fades in in yello gradient.
  • Wool: A wool Noggin logo appears over string that says "m o v i e s" in grey, then a paper Noggin logo emerges out the wool.

FX/SFX: Stop motion. Also, CGI animation for the text in Knitting.


  • Cardboard: A kid (possibly FeetFace) saying "N O G G I N, NOGGIN!"
  • Knitting: A Moog synthesizer tune.
  • Wool: Barn music, followed by a paper ripping sound when the Noggin comes out. A moo is heard at the end.

Availability: The Cardboard is seen on TV airings of Oobi the Movie, The Knitting is on Miffy and Friends and the Magical Carrot, Wool is seen on Oobi the Movie.

Scare Factor: None. It may elevate to low if the moo in the Wool variant catches you off-guard.