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Nutz Distribution Video is a division of Nutz Films.

Logo (Mid-1994)[]

Nicknames: "Golden Book Video's Cousin", "Comet Of Doom".

Logo: We start with the Countdown sequence, counting down to 5 to 3, then it cuts to a space background where 2 planets (Saturn and Jupiter) stay. Suddenly, a comet with a "N" in it zooms in, exploding. The words "NUTZ", "DISTRIBUTION", and "VIDEO" all in 80's-style font fades in, shining.


Music/Sounds: 3 beeps in the start of the countdown sequence with the last beep being cut-off. A droning synth when it cuts to a space background. When the comet appears, a whoosh is heard, followed by a low-quality "boom" when it explodes.

Availability: Seen on some cartoon VHS releases, for example: Pug the Prince, The Pug And Bella Show, Pug And Duchess, Pug's Got Talent, etc.

Scare Factor: Low to nightmare. The comet exploding and the choppy animation can get to some. Others won't be affected by that, however.