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Background: Oak Wood Entertainments Is A Film Company That It Was Founded In 1965,And It Was Shut Down In 1997.

1st Logo


Oak Wood Entertainments

Nickname: "Balinese Wood I"

Logo: On A Black Background,We See Oak Wood Block Zooms In,And The Text "P.T. Oak Wood Entertainments (Bali) Limited" Fades In And The Text "Mempersembahkan" Fades In,Until We Fade To Black.

FX/SFX: The Zooming In,The Fading In.

Music/Sounds: Same As 1st Amar Jyoti Pictures Fanfare.

Availability: Seen On lungaa tali lan mlumpat tali!,petualangan bali,etc.

Scare Factor: Same As The 1st Logo Of Amar Jyoti Pictures Logo.

Final Note: This Logo Is Made By CoolGamer23,The Next Logo Is Only Worse.

2nd Logo


Oak Wood Entertainments (1)
Warning Warning: The Following Video Is Very Loud,Lower Your Volume.

Nickname "Balinese Wood II" "Balinese Wood From Hell/Heck" "Cheesy Wood" "Balinese Wood Of Doom" "Worse Than Balinese Viva Films,Kirby Movies,And Balinese Viva Records Combined"

Logo: On A Red Background,We See So Much Thunderstorms,When The Thunder Disappears,The Oak Wood Fades In,And The Text "P.T. OAK WOOD ENTERTAINMENTS" Zooms In,And A Creepy Text "Mempersembahkan" Fades In.

FX/SFX: The Thunderstorms,The Creepy Text

Music/Sounds: An VERY LOUD Thunderstorm Sound Effect,Followed By A Creepy Fanfare.

Availability: Seen On Jawa Tengah.

Scare Factor: High To Nightmare,Because The Logo Will May Get Worse!

Final Note: This Logo Is VERY LOUD AND SCARY,Because It Is One Of The Most Insane Logos Ever.

3rd Logo


Oak Wood Entertainments (2)

Nickname "Balinese Wood III" "Golden Wood Block" "20th Century Fox's Balinese Son" "Indonesia Needs Some Milk"

Logo: TBA


Music/Sounds: Same As The Crying Dak Productions Logo.

Availability: Common

Scare Factor: Low.

4th Logo