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Background: Object Home Video is an American home video company founded in 1988 by Robert J. Aronson (1953-2020), Stephen D. Wynn (1964-present) and Cameron Longree (1967-present) (creators of The Objects), along with Gabriel Morales (JustFaithSilly's father) and . However, they didn't have a logo until 1989. The company distributes object shows and other videos such as non-object animated shows, live action shows, tv movies, and concerts. The company became successful and had a smaller, but well-known subsidiary called Shadowline Productions. The company was officially incorporated on December 19, 1989. The ObjectMusic Home Video label is retired in 2004. While Adult Object was partnered with Emotion, ObjectMusic was absorbed into the parent company. In 2012, Object Home Video was acquired by Wilson Pictures and its partner The Objects Studio.

Background Trivia: In 1995, Wynn and Longree were awarded the "Outstanding Achievement in Home Entertainment Award" from the National Association for Home Media, Inc on behalf of Object Home Video.

1st Logo (1983-1986)


Object Home Video (1989)

Logo: On a space background (similar to the one in the 2nd Rede Bandeirantes ident), we see "OBJECT HOME VIDEO", zooming out in a trail effect. The logo shines.


  • Before the promos, the logo flashes at the end. After the promos, a flash brings forth the logo.

FX/SFX: The zooming out.

Music/Sounds: "Flash", by Keith Mansfield (the pilot theme for Press Your Luck and the theme of the Australian Thorn EMI Video logo) and an American-accented announcer (Stephen D. Wynn) says in the beginning of the tapes:

  • For object shows:"Welcome to a whole new world of Object fantasy."
  • For non-object shows: "Welcome to Object Home Video."

Availability: Ultra rare. This used on Hemdale Home Video, Wizard Video and Hi-Tops Video releases. It was also seen on the first three original Object Home Video movies: Interrogating The Mushroom With Torture, Victoria Gallagher in the Pit of Despair, and Filled With Scientific Facts. Despite them not being object movies, the "whole new world of Object fantasy" voiceover variant is used on all three.

Editor's Note: A quite unique logo, maybe a little more than the next one.

2nd Logo (1987-1992, Print Logo: 1983-present)

Nickname: “Baseball on Video”

Logo: On a white background, we see Baseball over the words “OBJECT HOME VIDEO”, except “Object” is orange and “Home Video” is black.


  • Baseball Is With Soap In The Object Music Home Video Variant From 1994.
  • Baseball flipping his middle leg as a finger In the Adult Object Home Video variant from 1994.
  • The logo was designed by co-founder Cameron Longree and was selected out of 350 designs.


    • There is a variant reading “ObjectMusic” in place of “Object”. Look for it on a tape of The Broomer Boys, and There Is Another Variant Reading "Adult Object" in place of "Object" Look for it on a tape of Object Redundancy and other adult shows.
    • On the Partners in Quality Variants, We see a blue sky with a clouds background

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • In Partners in Quality variant in (1992-2004): A 2-note synth theme sustains with a 7 note theme composed by Luna Loud and Sam Sharp

Availability: Extremely Rare. This was mainly used as a print logo on releases, but sometimes appeared on-screen instead of the next logo. This was used on these tapes from Hemdale Home Video, Wizard Video and Hi-Tops Video until August 1991.

3rd Logo (USA; VHS, Laserdisc, CD-i, TVD, and DVD) (1990-1991, September 7, 1991-present)

Nickname: "Baseball in Space"

Logo: On a navy blue space background, a white line draws along the bottom. Suddenly, an odd white outline circle, eyes, mouth, and baseball stitches draws itself, and it's filled in to reveal Baseball from Inanimate Insanity, who stares in awe as cluster of comets shoot over his head in opposite directions. Then, a large "Object", and colored yellow-orange, flies in and settles over Baseball. A white "Home Video" then fades in below, with Baseball between both words. He then stares at them and nods his head before fading out.


  • Baseball was animated by Stephen Wynn (1964-present)
  • Baseball was trademarked in November 4, 1997.


  • There is an ending variant where Baseball stares at them, looks down below the line and then idles.
  • a byline reads “a company of LX Home Video” exists.
  • if Wilson Pictures acquires the whole franchise of "The Objects", the byline reads "Now part of the Wilson Pictures Family" exists
  • A closing version exists.
  • Starting in 2020, the logo was remade. CGI Animation by Harrison Digital Network's C2 Visuals and the object is Animated by Niall Burns (XanyLeaves)
  • A Object Mayhem tapes and DVDs version exists where the logo glitches violently.
  • A Object character appears, each with their own variations.
    • Lightbulb (II): Lightbulb does her makeup.
    • Knife and Microphone (II): Microphone kicks Knife.
    • Cheesy (II): Cheesy tells a bad joke and dodges a tomato. He gives the victory sign, only to be hit by a tomato this time.
    • Paintbrush (II): Paintbrush and a giant cloth paintbrush dance, then the cloth snaps, causing them to smash up the building they're in and he covered in smoke. Paintbrush said "Will… somebody… please take over?" before he faints forward, and Baseball appears and he does an idle as the background turns to normal and Home Video fades in.
    • Fan and Test Tube (II): Test Tube meditates and levitates...towards Fan, who promptly tears apart Test Tube into bits. The very first character variant, first seen on a Christmas 1993 promo.
    • Suitcase (II): She look at the comets soaring just like him, and she sees the audience and she looks her nightmares coming out of her head and the words Object falls over her.
    • Tissues (II): Tissues Sneezes On The Word "Object".
    • Yin Yang (II): They waddle on screen, wearing a penguin onesie. In the Christmas version, Yin says “Merry Christmas from Object Home Video/Television/Play-Along/Classics!”. Yang says “GiVe mE A mArShMaLlOw NoW!”.
    • Marshmallow (II): Marshmallow waves at the audience
    • Match and Pencil (BFDI): TBA
    • Foldy and Stapy (BFB): TBA
    • Pen and Eraser (BFDI): TBA
    • Tennis Ball and Golf Ball (BFDI): TBA
    • Gelatin (BFB): TBA
    • Woody (BFDI): TBA
    • Price Tag (TPOT):
    • Match And Pencil (BFDI): TBA
    • Loser (BFB): TBA
    • Winner (TPOT):
    • Foldy and Stapy (BFB): TBA
    • Candy (OO): Candy is seen ranting about Globe, until she sees the viewers watching.
    • Pumpkin (OO): Pumpkin Draws The Logo With A Orange Pencil And Then Makes The Screen Black.
    • Ping Pong Ball and Disc (OO): Disc kicks Ping Pong Ball on the wall from episode 1
    • Toaster (OO): Toaster is seen jumping insanely.
    • Mistletoe: Firey hangs up mistletoe on the ceiling backstage. Leafy notices this and tries pulling him down.
    • Globe (OO):
    • Soccer Ball and Marble (OO): TBA
    • Salt & Pepper (II): Salt & Pepper heckle the viewers. They are both hit by the logo which, instead of fading in, swings in. Salt says “OW!”.
    • Page Rip: Baseball rips through the sky background. "The sky is fake!?"
    • Soap (II): Soap wiping the giant word.
    • Haybale and Bandana (III): Haybale Covers Bandana With Some Hay.
    • Kumquat (III): TBA
    • Jigsaw (OM): TBA
    • Eggy (BFB): TBA
    • Gumball (OI): Gumball ate and chews the word e on "Home" Gumball says "What Duh?".
    • Cookie (OI): He did the same thing just like the normal variant awkwardly, and Gumball off-screen says "Cookie, Why won't you ever talk?", and he runs offs the screen and jumps in the water when we heard a splash sound effect.
    • Basketball, IPod and Mirror (OH): TBA
    • Bucket and Volleyball (OH): TBA
    • Diary and Feather: TBA
    • SharkBearBerry: TBA
    • Notebook (OM): TBA
    • Tune (OM): TBA
    • Toast (OM): TBA
    • Clay (EEE): TBA
    • Shieldy (BOTO): Rides the car from "How it All Ended" onto the logo. When he's directly on under the word Object, he gets off.
    • Party Hat (BOTO): Plays dubstep music on his DJ kit as a sound bars can be seen in the background.
    • and other variants.
  • In the Adult Object Home Video logo in 1997-present, Baseball did the same idle and the words Object Home Video is still there, Then, the sky fades to red and a whistling noise is heard as Baseball saws a UFO crashes into him and explodes. and he turns evil and apparently crashes on the screen, causing Baseball to get crash onto the screen as he gives everyone a roar (he seemingly screams in protest of this explosive situation). Then, a medium "Adult", and colored yellow-orange, flies in and settles over the "Object" text.
  • There is a ”Object Play Along Video“ variant from 1999 where the words “Object” and colored yellow-orange flips word by word in the background and Baseball walks and stands right next to the word who stares in awe, and a colorful ribbon wipes in with blur and shines and reveals the words PLAY ALONG VIDEO and he does a Vanna White-like pose and winks at the audience.
  • There is a "Object Kids" variant from 1992-2004 where Shell runs to him and bumps it when the words "HOME VIDEO" fades out. Baseball runs to him and does the same thing, before swinging it up and the stars form the words "Kids" under the word "Object". Then, he hugs him and they stare at the audience just like in the logo,
  • There is a ”Object Television“ variant from 2002-present where a few silver lasers whoosh around Baseball and form a grid behind him. Then Baseball jumps and becomes a silhouette. The silhouette Baseball morphs into a silhouette version of Yin Yang. The words “Object TELEVISION” fade in.
  • An extremely rare variant exists. It is still and has the phone numbers for the US, Australian and New Zealand hotlines.
  • On the 2001 TV movie Nine Reefee Street, it uses a still version of the Adult Object Home Video variant that cuts in.
  • There is an "Object Classics" variant from 1994-present where a picture of Firey, Leafy, Bubble, Baseball (mascot), Nickel and Lightbulb, all standing together with big, goofy grins from the II S1 Ep1 assets, “flips” up and moves towards the screen. When it is in position, there is a large, cheesy-looking flash, then the “OBJECT” script logo, in red and treated pretty badly, is “wiped” in from both sides with a cheesy-looking “sparkly trail” effect. Then, after that forms, A long, elongated rounded rectangle with the words “CLASSICS” on each side, flips up.
  • There is a Christmas variant where Santa Hat is formed instead of Baseball. A snowball whooshes past him and transforms into Yin-Yang. They both hug as the words “a company of LX Home Video” fades in and the O becomes a snowflake.
  • There is an "Object Concert Films" variant from 2001 and 2007 where the "HOME VIDEO" text is replaced with "CONCERT FILMS".
  • There is a 30th anniversary variant from 2019 where TBA

FX/SFX: The line drawing itself in, Object drawing itself, Baseball appearing, and the comets and text flying over him.

Music/Sounds: A warbly "outer space" synth scale, with a synth ding then a dreamy synth ditty and a series of synth whooshes (Composed by Luna Loud and Sam Sharp). Also used on every character variant except Paintbrush.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • in Adult Object Home Video logo in 1997-2004 and the "Paintbrush" variant: A 1-note synth theme sustains the opening note of Bandai Presents part of Bandai Emotion's 1984 theme, with chimes and wind blowing, then which is then interrupted by a metal guitar tune (the intro part from "Ten Ton Hammer" by Machine Head). Proceeding is the whoosh and "boom" of the UFO (cut from the Paintbrush variant), an alarm whooping, a red alert alarm and an ascending sci-fi whoosh. When Baseball is turning evil and roars a weird roaring scream is heard probably from him (cut from the Paintbrush variant). An old fashioned-sounding explosion is heard for the remainder. at the end the "Paintbrush" variant: when Baseball appears at the end, the ending 7 synth fanfare sustains the ending notes of the MuppetVision 3D preshow was heard after Paintbrush faints forward.
  • In Object Classics Home Video Variant: Same music as the Hanna-Barbera Home Video logo.
  • In Object Classics Home Video promo Variant: same as the Hanna Barbera Home Video logo from the Hanna-Barbera Superstar Movies promo and Stephen Wynn saids "Object Classics, Available what ever videos are sold, All from Object Home Video"
  • in Object Play Along Video logo from 1997-2003: Same music as the Jim Henson Play Along Video logo in -3 low pitch.
  • In Object Kids logo: A spacey-like theme same as the Nick Jr. Penguins ID (Composed by Sam Sharp)
  • in Object Television logo from 2002-present: A short version of the 1995 logo.
  • The phone number variant has Stephen Wynn doing the spiel and he says "On behelf of the home video industry, Welcome to Object Home Video, Intellectual property .... if you're in the US, call 183-867-4382. If you're in Australia, call 0491 570 156. If you're in New Zealand, call +64-283-555-14. Thank you, and enjoy the show!"

Availability: Extremely common.

  • it first appeared in the 1991 film The Country Boy from The Heartland
  • It appears on releases from Live Home Video, Artisan Entertainment and Hallmark Home Entertainment
  • You might spot on these things tapes from Hemdale Home Video, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Wonder, Random House Home Video, Warner Home Video, KidVision, WarnerVision Entertainment, YES! Entertainment, MPI Home Video, Rhino Home Video, Guthy-Renker Video, PPI Entertainment, Sterling Entertainment Group, Simitar Entertainment, Viz Video, Image Entertainment, GoodTimes Entertainment, GT Media, Vivendi Entertainment, Time Life Video, Feature Films for Families, Golden Book Video, HIT Entertainment, and Anchor Bay Entertainment.
  • It appears on seven releases from the MGM/UA Home Video and MGM Home Entertainment of NqoNquaine.
  • It appears on United Kingdom tapes released by PBV Video (Varus Video), Entertainment in Video, Virgin Video and Video Collection International
  • It appears on Canada tapes released by Alliance Atlantis, HGV Video Productions, Cineplex Odeon Home Video, Motion International, Twin Dolphin Filmed Entertainment and Malofilm Video.
  • The Object Concert Films variant appears on 2001's The Marceline Abadeer Experience and 2007's Introducing Calvin Wilkerson.
  • The currently reanimated and remastered logo was taken from "Cacahuetes".

Editor's Note: The animation is cheap, on top of the fact that the extended version has the error of having object that don't disappear when the logo ends (its worse considering they don't fade out), but it's a nice mix of traditional animation and computer animation.

4th Logo (2000-2002)


Nicknames: "Happy Birthday Firey!", "BFDI's 10th Anniversary logo"

Logo: Against a sky-blue background, Firey with a bowtie, waves a 'magic cane' to make a box with the words “THE FIRST 10 YEARS” inside it appear next to him. He puts away the cane and proceeds to tap-dance in front of a purple baseball diamond-like shape. Above that in an arc is a sign reading “DREAM ISLANDERS”, with "THE" in a small black triangle above the arc. Below is the same logo.

Trivia: This logo was created in celebration of the 10th anniversary of BFDI' premiere back in 1990.


    • One version (possibly only a print logo) used a background of animated TV static. it has a Firey with the same attire from the logo in yellow and a red baseball diamond shape.


Music/Sounds: a synth instrumental of the TBA with a "zap" and a drumbeat.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on tapes from the BFDI Anniversary Collection, including TV Movies starring BFDI Characters and the documentary 'Battle for Dream Island: Before Take the Plunge". It may have appeared on other VHS tapes from this era such as: Bonjour Les Aimes, My Life as a Teenage Object, Cash Battle, It's an Object Thing, Comedy Object Hour, Literal Object Show, Inanimateball, Azoic History, Prankz with Blocky, Who Wants to Be an Object Millionaire?, Object Mastermind, DIY with Coiny, Shieldy's Adventures, Epic Objects, Brothers, Her Comedy Object Hour, Object Town, Balloon and Friends and a remastered and reanimated in traditional animated verison of Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa (in conjunction with DIC Entertainment, Mainstreet Entertainment and Taweel-Loos & Company).

Editor's Note:

5th Logo (1997-2000)

Nickname: "The CBS-FOX Morph & Marquee"

Logo: The animation for the CBS/FOX Video logo animates as normal complete with music. However, all of a sudden the black stone background changes to a blue-red gradient background, then, as the CBS/FOX logo flies and rolls to the top left, rings and the letters in the orange word "Object", in the same font as the previous logo from 1995, but colored yellow-orange, fly in all over the screen, but then they settle down to the center, and an oblong shape flies in When the logo is complete, the oblong shape has chasing lights on it, like a marquee you see at a theater.

Variant: A version without the CBS/FOX Video logo exists.

FX/SFX: All the animation in the logo.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: Same music as the 1991 logo but with a few add tinkling sounds at the end, and accompanied with the announcer (Stephen Wynn) saying: "Don't miss coming attractions at the end of this cassette!". There is a variant where there was a jazz theme.

Availability: Same as the 2nd logo. Appears only in the US. It is seen on CBS/FOX Video releases of Object material. The variant appears on 2 TV movies: The Objects Presents: Cliffs of Virginia and The Objects Presents: Five Eyes of Hell.

6th Logo (Australia) (2000-present)


Object Home Video (Australian Variant)

Logo: On a black background, the outline of the Object Home Video logo draws in, glowing. The rest of the logo does the same thing. The lines explode, and the colored logo zooms in.


  • A In-space variant also exists.
  • A short variant also exists.
  • An extended variant also exists.

FX/SFX: CGI Animation.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: Same music as the 1991 logo. The extended variant has the Object Home Video promo music.

Availability: Extremely Rare, It Is Seen On Australian Releases Of Object Shows and the 2004 TV movie "Secret Hours".

Editor's Note: The extended variant is a whopping 59 seconds long!

7th Logo (Blu-ray) (2008-present)

Download (17)-0.png

Logo: On an off-white background, paint strokes form a space background. The camera zooms in to see more strokes forming the rest of the logo. two white lines appear and move across the picture vertically from the center, sharpening the picture and forming the silver text: HIGH DEFINITION which zooms out into place. The stars twinkle and the "OBJECT" text shines before the logo fades out.

Trivia: This logo was animated by Cameron Longree using water colors on a matte background.

Variant: A screensaver variant exists which only has the twinkling stars.

FX/SFX: Impressive animation!

Music/Sounds: An extended version of the 1993 logo's theme and a few loud whooshes and shining sounds. None for the screensaver variant.

Availability: Used in tandem with the 1993 logo on Blu-Rays. It was first used on the enhanced Blu-Ray version of Nine Reefee Street. The screensaver is only seen while the Blu-Ray loads.

Editor's Note: The animation is a major improvement over the 1993 logo.