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Background:ravens game is found 1995 apparently the best IDs are fine with that being the logo.


Logo: on a red BG we see a cat runs other places in sidewalk and words "Ravens Game" in white.


Music/Sounds:an running sounds follow by pathé music.

Availability: Seen on Sitcoms and Movies.

Scare Factor: Due to Music.


Nickname:Henry Hugglemonster Logos

Logo: on the blue background we see csupo robot logo then Henry Hugglemonster says or saying excused later background turns logo and each weird thing logo and reads "one with a roar csupo" or "Roarscuse Me Csupo" in colors. one with a roar csupo  Roarcuse Me Csupo All colored.


Music/Sounds: Splatting and Swipe Sound Follow by Henry Hugglemonster says "one with a roar" or "roarscuse me" and robot says "csupo" and werif and horrifying music tune.

Availability: seen on oh no,Ginger show and more.

Scare Factor: Horrific music scares.