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Background: Othsglin Productions, located in Járyhkvaethm, largest city(not a capital) of Somin-Korgol, is a animated/live-action studio which distributes, dubs and makes animated shows, founded in 1992. It has it's international buildings in Ilfrubia, Sókyrsiana, Schaulen, Riga, Narva, London, New York, Presque Isle, Natá and the country of Pop Star.

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Othsglin Productions.png

Logo: TBA

Variants: TBA

FX/SFX: None. In the animated version, TBA

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of a show or TBA.

Availability: Seen on such as Bloody Bunny, Hero 107, Sól Kuherdyn, Block Out To Death, Call Our Seath Poléc, Road to Victory Never, A Life of Great Meat!, among others.

Editor’s Note: The symbol looks very ugly inside.

5th Logo