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Logo #1 (1992-1993) Logo: We see Sailor Moon in her usual pose and the moon behind her. "Walt Disney-PBS Productions" is written onto the screen as an announcer says "This is PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service." SFX: None. Music: 2002 PBS Logos. Availability: Can still be seen on season 1 episodes of Sailor Moon.

Scare factor: None.

Logo #2 (1993-1994) Logo: Same as PBS Tri-Colored Everyman P-Heads except that the background is the moon. SFX: Same as above. Music: Same as above. Availability: When dubbed into English, Sailor Moon R had this indent replaced with The Windowsill. Sailor Moon R's dub has the standard Transparent Blue P-Head plastered over this indent. So consider this logo rare except in Japan. Scare factor: Medium.

Logo #3 (1994-1995) Logo: We see the moon background for 2 seconds, then the Split Profile plays on the background. SFX: Same as above. Music: A Piano Tune. Availability: Near extinction. This indent is usually plastered over by a PBS Kids indent from 1999 or 2000. Scare factor: Low.