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Founded in 1980, Panca Video is a short-lived Indonesian film distributor that is the film distribution and home entertainment division of Garuda Film, another Indonesian company founded by a staff member of the now-defunct Goldig Films, a film company from Hong Kong. It was popular during the 80s. Later on, it went bankrupt and was folded into Casa Vision, thus resulting in Garuda Film's own bankruptcy that resulted in the company being closed in 1988. It didn't have a logo until 1981, and the early Panca releases used the Garuda Film logo until it had an official logo.

1st (and only logo)


Panca Video Mempersembahkan

Nicknames: "Three-Colored RGB Bar", "Panca Colours"

Logo: On a yellow background, a RGB bar appears. Then the text "Panca Video" appears in the middle of the yellow background and zooms into the center of the RGB bar, thus completing the logo.


  • A late variant uses a black background, replaced with the yellow background.
  • In early releases, shortly after the logo ends, the logo stops for 3 minutes, and then the RGB bar fades away into the yellow background. Then, the text "Panca Video" fades away, and is replaced with the text "mempersembahkan", followed by a female Indonesian announcer with a seductive voice saying "Panca Video mempersembahkan".

FX/SFX: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Garuda Film logo.

Availability: Seen on the Garuda Film releases distributed during the time period.

Editor's Note: While it was closed in 1986, it's still common in Indonesia and is found in several old antique stores.