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Paramount Channel was a channel founded in 1955 by Paramount Pictures.

1st Logo (1955-1972)[]

Nicknames: "The Boring Logo"

Logo: Just the words "The Paramount Channel", until 1967, they changed the lettering to "Paramount Channel"

Notes: This logo was a bumper for the channel.

Sounds/Music: Usually, an announcer would say "You are watching The Paramount Channel".

Availability: Extinct

2nd Logo (1972-1984)[]

Nicknames: "70s Paramount" "The Ball"

Logo: In a background (usually patterned), a ball pops up and falls in the "O" of Paramount. The logo then reads Paramount Channel.

Notes: This was yet another bumper for the channel.

Sounds/Music: Various Freestyle Music, and sometimes "You're watching Paramount Channel".

Availability: Extinct

3rd Logo (1984-1989, 1997)[]